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Beats Solo 2

The Black, Luxe Version Solo² Hard Wired On-Ear Headphones from Beats have been completely remodelled to give enhanced acoustics and sound quality from their forerunners. They give a versatile headband and comfort, and ease angled ear cups to give a relaxed fit, while the ear cup material helps go away heat while reducing sound leakage. Their removable Remote Talk wire is iOS suitable, lets you control tracks, quantity, and take phone calls on suitable iOS designs. A bag is roofed.

Beats Solo 2 Design
The Beats Solo2 Wireless Bluetooth comes as close to copying the Solo2 trademark style as possible, with just a few parts of a mm different in measurements due to the need for an assortment within the case. The reflecting of the appearance of the two products was deliberate, and a preferred objective from the start, because Beats desired these headphones to discuss all the same characteristics, except the inclusion of wireless performance in these new Wireless Bluetooth editions.

The preservation of the same style is intelligent to not only unite the Individual production but also because they have a top-notch fit and complete, to begin with. The new style is a lot more creatively attractive than the past Individual, with less range smashes and smoother perspectives. They are still plastic material and contain little in the way of steel areas, but the high-gloss look works well with Beats’ strong shades (red, black, white and red are options for the Wireless Bluetooth design at launch).
Solo2 Wireless Bluetooth features cushioned cups and headband, and both are comfy and smooth for all-day use. They are less heavy than the Studio versions form of Beats’ headphones, and the on-ear style will probably be more suitable for some. They fold into a reasonably convenient package and will store in the engaged smooth case when you want to take them travelling. The smooth case itself also contains padding so that you can throw them in a bag without much worry about their overall protection.

Beats Solo2 Wireless Bluetooth has gone from whose headphones, to one that is right up there with some of the better common customer market sound companies in regards to sound quality. For them to have reached that between only one creation of components is amazing. What’s more amazing is that the Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones provide sound, is reliable regardless of whether you use them wired or wireless, and that in both cases, there is a comfort out of the box that you do not get from sound devices without a good break-in period.
There is no effective noise cancellation here, but the ear cups do provide a specific amount of inactive filtration out of around sound, which is a lot for most use cases. The sound also does not have problems with any natural qualifications hiss or fixed, again, regardless of whether you are using either wireless or wired connection.

The Beats Solo2 Wireless Bluetooth is ranked at 12 times of use using one cost, and in exercise, I did get regular of hearing out of them – definitely enough for an extended day at the office, and for most flights you’ll ever have to take. Also, they perform with the engaged distant wire whenever you do run out of juice, so you will not be left in the black.
For wireless headphones, 12 hours of ongoing use is a very reasonable duration, and Beats has engaged as well its LED light signal to tell you how much mixture you have gone. In addition, if you are using them with an iPhone or iPad, an assortment signal symbol will show up in your position bar once you have combined them with your system.
Main features:
New Appears to be
The Solo² has a better, broader range of sound than its forerunner, with a quality that will bring you nearer to what the specialist designed
Custom Comfort
Beginning in the centre of the versatile headband, the structure of the earphone has been rounded like never before, providing the Solo² with a custom-fit sensation. The ear cups have comfort and ease tilted out to complete this natural fit, with rotates for comfort and sound distribution. Lastly, the ear cups help go away heat and reduce sound leak
Streamlined Design
The Solo² has a structured visual with no noticeable nails. Foldable, this earphone is ready for your life on the go
No Need to Take Your Device
Take control. With the color-matched Remote Talk wire, you can change music, modify the quantity and even take calls, without having to reach for your system.

8.8Expert Score
Beats Solo 2

The Beats Solo2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are the first new components from Beats to reach post-Apple purchase, but they have been in growth before the deal came together, and they distributed an improvement pattern with the wired edition, which came out a few months ago.

  • Powerful, distortion-free sound with enhanced bass and shiny highs
  • Inline distant system and mic for smartphones
  • Good sound, wired or wireless
  • Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight
  • The big bass sound is not for enthusiasts or anyone looking for a smooth response
  • Little costly
Beats Solo 2
Beats Solo 2

  • Design: curved lines and continuous transition for automotive quality finish. No visible screws and flush hinge design. High gloss styling conveniently foldable for storage
  • Accessories: hard-shell carrying case , updated matching RemoteTalk cable
  • Ergonomics: lightweight angled headphone to match head, ear shape to reduce user strain for long wear comfort. Has omnidirectional ear cup movement for best acoustic seal

Beats Solo 2 Bottom Line
The Beats Solo2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are the first new components from Beats to reach post-Apple purchase, but they have been in growth before the deal came together, and they distributed an improvement pattern with the wired edition, which came out a few months ago. Beats staggered their release to ensure the wired edition got its highlight, and to improve the additional technological innovation required to ensure the wireless edition had a similar sound, without any synthetic improvement or EQ chicanery.
Overall, the company reached what it set out to do with the Beats2 Wireless Bluetooth – these think that they should become the new standard choice for purchasers shopping for a set of on-ear wireless headphones. Price is still a problem, as it is a 50% top quality over the wired edition, but there’s a lot more technological innovation engaged, too. Also, thanks to that perform, these do not experience costly, per se – the additional ability to wireless functions is hard to evaluate, but if you are worried about price range, check out Solo2 or another wired choice first.

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