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BeatsX wireless in-ear headphones review

The headset was announced at the same time as AirPods and like AirPods, the arrival to the market was delayed – that’s because Apple was probably want to put the latest software in them, so the gadget owners would enjoy using it. It’s a pleasure to use BeatsX and those who waited for them will not be disappointed.


BeatsX are wireless in-ear headphones worn around the neck, perfect for active people. Someone who love to run, ride a bike or other sports activities will love these headphones because they are wireless, without boring cable.

These headphones also contain the latest technology, and with one charge, they can give up to 8 hours of work. They also have the ultra-fast charging option. You’ll get energy for 2 hours of listening to music after 5 minutes of charging, which is really amazing.

BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Gray
List Price:$149.95
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Simple, small and compact, the BeatsX headphones are perfect for carrying. Since they have a neck bracket, you can carry them on the move and be sure that they will stay in place. Vacuum headphones create a special power of sticking to ears and isolate your environment. You will hear only the pure sound from these headphones.


The device comes in the usual quality Beats packaging in more pleasant for the owner. There is a rubber carrying case, and besides the instructions, there is a sticker with the Beats logo, perfect to attach them to a laptop or fridge. In the package, there are nozzles of different sizes to achieve the maximum comfort. Manufacturers packed them in plastic packaging (like drugs).


The headset has two small blocks, with earhooks. Most likely, during the work with them, nothing will happen, but the big concerns cause wiring around the headphones as they are painfully thin. The ear cups are small and because of magnets, they are in the marching position. In the marching position, the hanging cables are like glued together so if you want to listen to music or talk just hang it on your chest.  The control scheme is the same as with any other Apple headset: one press stops playback or activates it, two and three presses-rewind. The microphone is not bad, there are no questions regarding the quality of voice transmission.

These BeatsX headphones are in blue color and there are three other available on the market: gray, black, white. It’s a pity that there are no classic Beats in black and red.

Wearing BeatsX is convenient for a long time, and if your AirPods drop out then these headphones are unlikely to have similar problems. But don’t expect to completely hide from the noise, only specialized devices with an active noise reduction system can do it.


On the right is the power button, also responsible for pairing. The headset pairs with iOS-based devices in the same way as AirPods: by pressing the button for five seconds, a pop-up window with a connection prompt will appear on the iPhone’s screen. In the smartphone settings, you can rename the headset. The connection iPhone + Apple Watch + BeatsX works perfectly, you’ll just have to get used to just turn on your headphones by pressing the button for a second.

Sound quality

Everyone wants to know how BeatsX sounds in comparision to AirPods. AirPods have custom speakers, and the sound is excellent for a wireless headset. And about BeatsX, nobody says anything. But listening to music and podcasts is very nice. AirPods are better, but BeatsX due to a different design can please low-frequency fans. The sound quality depends very much on the file type of the streaming service that you’ve choosen. We recommend to use a player for iOS – Vox if you listen to music from your smartphone’s memory.

When you download the jazz album in FLAC – you’ll enjoy in all the instruments and the impressive sound in general.

The general conclusion is that the sound quality is very good if we know that this compact and inexpensive wireless headset targets the widest audience.

Battery life

The work time is about 8 hours, more than anyone could expect from this device. If there is a quick charge, five minutes of charging will give two hours of listening to music. This is a very good feature in many situations: you’re going out to walk or run, just quickly charge the headphones and you’re ready to go.

When you connect the Lightning cable it immediately turns off the headphones. That’s because watching the movie and charging at the same time will not work, although the location of the connector is quite convenient for charging and simultaneous use. Maybe manufacturers will add this feature with the next software upgrade.


The price of $150 is somehow too high for an average user, but it turns out that headphones are great for their money, and with BeatsX Apple will surely grab a decent piece of cake in the category of wireless devices. To all sellers, we recommend to stock up this model.

9.0Expert Score
BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

  • Nice design, comfortable to wear, it’s easy to hide them under the collar
  • The well-known Lightning connector will please all Apple owners
  • Easy pairing with iOS devices
  • All controls are available without a smartphone thanks to the buttons on the remote control
  • Good sound quality
  • Clear voice on microphone
  • Quick charge, work time about 8 hours
  • Magnets in the ear cups, it is convenient to wear in the marching position
  • It's unclear how and when the software update will be available
  • It’s a pity that you can not connect simultaneously to the tablet and smartphone. Maybe not yet
  • Turns off immediately when charging starts
BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones
2,992 Reviews
BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

  • Perfect wireless companion for you to experience authentic, clear sound throughout your day with up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Take calls, control your music and activate Siri with RemoteTalk.
  • Variety of ear tip options offer personalized comfort and secure-fit wingtips provide stability
  • Magnetic ear buds keep your earphones tangle-free and easily coil up for compact portability

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