Bluedio U (UFO) wireless headphones review

Bluedio U (UFO) are wireless headphones with great surround sound of such depth that hardly any other model has it. Due to low impedance and folding cups, headphones are very convenient to use on the road for listening with a smartphone.

Bluedio U (UFO)

Bluedio U (UFO) headphones will make you happy every day with great manufacturer’s audio technology. If you want the sound of your music to be deep, powerful and balanced Bluedio exclusive PPS 8 technology allows this to become a reality. Thanks to the new innovative 8-driver design, each frequency reproduces accurately.

Just turn on the 3D surround effect, and you’ll feel something completely new – a 360-degree surround sound from the built-in 3D DSP processor, like in a concert hall.

A high-resolution Bluetooth decoder provides a whole new level of speed: up to 24-bit signal processing. It allows you to hear new details in the most of your favorite tracks.

High-quality materials give the high-strength characteristics and very light weight. Bluedio U (UFO) is unbreakable, durable and resistant to falls.

The latest version of Bluetooth 4.1 significantly improved the power saving.

Ultra long music and talk time allow rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It charges in just 3 hours using the USB cable and provides up to 25 hours of playing time per charge.

It’s available in many colors, this red one is very beautiful.


In a rigid box with a cover on the hidden magnets, there is a case that comes complete with headphones. In a special pocket, there is an instruction manual.

By opening the zipper on the case you’ll see the headphones. In addition to them, in a special net pocket, there are two cables – AUX and micro-USB. For those who are worried about the question – is it possible to change the ear pads if they accidentally damage? If you carefully remove the old ones from the plastic and replace them with new ones, everything will be as new.


The headphones are made from aviation aluminum, which guarantees both strength and lightness. And in fact – for headphones “made of metal” they are very light – 335 g.

Headphones perfectly sit on everyone’s head, do not crush and do not slide. It’ possible to wear them for a very long time and ears won’t start to hurt. The headband is simple with the easy adjustable length you’ll feel how they are comfortable.

It is important to note that all the details of the headphones are made of metal to avoid the problem of breaking which is very common. With their active daily use, there is not even a hint of wear. The headband is covered as it turned out, very wear-resistant artificial leather which prevents the sweating of your head. Only ear cups are made of plastic.


First, you need to press and hold the central button until the voice signal “power on”. The headphones will turn on, the diode will flash and headphones will automatically connect to the nearest familiar device.

Pairing with the device is simple. Press the power button and hold the power button until the power on and further until you hear the signal of “pairing”. Then find the headphones in the list of devices available for pairing with the device with which you want to connect (computer/phone/tablet). They “U” displays on the device.

To pair headphones with a second device: turn off the Bluetooth on the first device and also headphones. Then, repeat the pairing mode on headphones and connect to the second device in the same way as the first one.

Sound quality

We know that many who wears these wireless headphones surely even once said – “my ancient wired AKG sounds cooler”. Unfortunately, at the moment, it’s not right to compare the sound of the wired and wireless headphones. The whole problem is in the data transfer limit for Bluetooth profile A2DP so it’s possible to compare them only with the similar wireless ones.

Many users compare Bluedio U (UFO) to Beats and said that both headphones sound no worse and no better than each other, but they sound a little “differently”.

An interesting thing is that when you bought them they are “cold.” And after a couple of weeks they “warm up”. After headphones have been playing a lot of different music for a long time – they start to produce the best sound. It sounds like nonsense, but it’s usually the truth.

Bluedio U (UFO) has a huge volume reserve. The maximum volume can hurt your ears even if you like to listen to music loudly.

Battery and charging

If you listening to music on a daily basis, you have to charge them no more than once a week. Sometimes once every two. They honestly keep their 20-24 hours of use.


In our opinion, these are simply excellent wireless headphones! Bluedio U (UFO) is reliable, the price didn’t drop in the past 8 months. They sound very good, they are comfortable to wear and look good. We like their strict, even style.

Many users care about this parameter. The quality of materials is also important as after some time of use they look like the first day. The ear cushions don’t crack, aluminum – of course, keeps them from breaking. In conclusion, these headphones almost don’t have any flaws.

9.4Expert Score
Bluedio T4S Superior Turbine Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

The headphones are made from aviation aluminum, which guarantees both strength and lightness. And in fact – for headphones made of metal they are very light– 335 g.

  • Easy assembly and controls
  • High-quality materials
  • Great sound
  • Good battery life
  • Wild volume level at the beginning of use (applies only when connecting to other devices, with the smartphone is all OK)
  • The 3D mode either does not work sometimes, or there is no need for it
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Bluedio T4S Superior Turbine Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
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Bluedio T4S Superior Turbine Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

  • Vector Flow Technology
  • ANC Technology.
  • Vibrant Bass /Treble and crispy Mids
  • Durability
  • Rotating cup Design and Flat folding mechanism

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