Bose aviation headset (A20) review

If you’re worried about your comfort and hearing protection in the aircraft, Bose aviation headset (A20) is a perfect choice because this is the most advanced aviation headset on the market.

Bose aviation headset

Bose aviation headset (A20) has designed to provide better noise reduction with some improvements of both active and passive noise reduction. In addition to passive noise reduction, exclusive Bose ear cups physically block even more noise before it enters the earcups. This headset can block more than 30% of noise than other aviation headsets.

The weight of the device is only 0.06 pounds and have the clamping force 30% smaller than other similar headsets.

Through the great combination of new materials, Bose aviation headset (A20) has a unique ear cup design for a greater degree of comfort.

The special mechanism in the headband provides an easy fit to any size of the head with much less effort, compared to other pilot sets.

The acoustic structure produces a tonally balanced sound.

An adjustable microphone with a built-in amplifier you can attach to any ear cup for optimal communication quality.

A great feature is the priority switching which allows you to decide which audio signal you want to hear.


To keep the headset light but still strong, Bose used magnesium in the construction of the headband. At the top center, a torsion spring closes the headset and provides just the right amount of pressure around your ears to keep the headset stable. It also keeps unwanted noise from leaking in. The head pad is made of sheepskin and has a center gap that makes this headset comfortable for use with ball caps. The serial number of this headset is found underneath the head pad.

The headband is adjustable by sliding the earcups up and down. Each earcup is market Left and Right since the earcups are angled to match the contour of your ears and provide a superior sear for noise reduction. The earcups fit around most ears and inside the ear cup was designed to slope the electronics to maximize the amount of space available for your ear.

The ear seals use a soft leather like material and head pad and ear cups you can replace easily. For the head pad Bose uses velcro. Replacement of head pads cost about $25. The ear seals pull off and they are easily replaceable by wrapping the ear seal around a plastic lip on the earcups. Bose recommends replacing the ear seals every six months. We found that it depends on how much you use the headset. For most customers once a year is more appropriate. If you leave them on longer, the material may start to crack and flake off.


The Bose aviation headset (A20) comes in a case that includes the headset, manual, batteries and audio cable. The headset is available with several different cable options. The three most popular connections are the twin plug version for use in the most general aviation aircraft, the U174 connector which is a single plug for the most helicopters. The last type is the Lemo panel mount connector which allows the headset to receive power directly from the aircraft instead of using battery power. Each connector option is available with or without the Bluetooth feature.


The mic cable includes the control module. At the top is a power switch. A left and right volume control allow you to individually control each earcups’ volume. A mid range detent helps with adjusting the volume without looking at the switch. To listen to music, you will need to connect your phone using a cable that plugs into the bottom of the control module.

The multifunction switch controls the priority of the audio that is coming from the headset. In the top position, the headset will give priority to Intercom and radio communications. When you receive transmission through the Intercom (that includes communications from both ATC and another person in your Intercom), the audio from an device shuts down. With the switch in the middle position, all sound coming from the intercom will mix with the audio. If your music is too loud in this position, you may miss some radio calls. With the switch in the bottom position, only Intercom is active. You’ll not hear any music.


The Bose aviation headset (A20) comes with the microphone on the left side of the headset. The microphone is easily removable from one side to the other to match your personal preference. The excellent capabilities of the noise reducing microphone enable you to make a call directly from a noisy ramp because the microphone does an incredible job of reducing the noise of the aircraft.

Sound quality

The headphones have great audio quality because they’re lightweight and ear cups fit perfectly. But the sound is great mainly because of Bose Active Equalizer the headphones provide crystal clear sound, no matter how you’re using it. Whether it’s is just for communication or for simply listening to music, you’ll be very satisfied with the sound.


The back of the control module slides down to expose the battery compartment where are two AA batteries to supply power for the ANR circuitry.

Bose Aviation Headset X (Installed with Straight Cable)
Bose Aviation Headset X (Installed with Straight Cable)
Price Disclaimer

When switched on, an LED indicates that the headset has power. If the light is green the headset has between 8 and 40 hours of battery life. If it’s amber it’s between 2 and 8 hours of life left and if it’s red you have less than 2 hours of battery left. The maximum life of these batteries is about 45 hours.


Bose aviation headset (A20) is pretty expensive but if you want the perfect sounding headphones you must pay for it. The superior sound quality, super durable design and tons of additional features make these headphones one of the best on the market. Awesome 5-year warranty proves the fact that they built to last many years after the purchase. All in all, Bose A20 is the most comfortable aviation headset on the market.

7.5Expert Score
Bose aviation headset (A20) review

  • Super comfortable
  • Adjustable microphone
  • Great noise canceling
  • Excellent battery life
  • High price
  • Flimsy battery door hinge
Bose aviation headset (A20) review
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Bose aviation headset (A20) review

  • Proprietary Bose technology enables a smaller, lighter, more comfortable headset with less clamping force.
  • Only from Bose, this patented technology electronically identifies and reduces unwanted noise, allowing improved intelligibility of radio
  • Sophisticated electronics monitor power demand and instantaneously adjust the voltage to maintain maximum battery life
  • Electronically tunes the frequency response, enabling outstanding audio performance for improved speech intelligibility

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