Grado SR60e Headphones

Grado Laboratories is a well-loved product among many audiophiles and with a valid purpose. Since their beginning in 1953, Grado has consistently provided well-designed items that are designed with a level of care and attention and details hardly ever seen. Though this popularity has provided them well, it has made the sense that everything the firm makes is pricey, and while you can indeed invest up-wards of $1,500 on a set of Grado headphones, you can also get a few for less than $100.

In this review, we are concentrating on one of these lower-priced choices, the Grado Reputation Series SR60e. An aspect of Grado’s recently released e series; this pair of headphones is the heir to the well-regarded SR60i. Do these headphones keep up to the greater requirements placed by their predecessors? Continue reading for our opinions.

Build & Design

The Grado Reputation Series SR60e headphones have an original, old-school look to them that could confirm to be divisive: To keep really like the look, but if you’re more used to the smooth, contemporary look carried by many present headphones, you might discover these to be unusual looking. This is due partially to the open-back design: instead of being protected, the rear of each ear cup partially begins, protected with a grill that allows you to see the parts in. These look like that would be at home in a nineteen seventies recording studio, which is a plus to me, but your usage is different.

Looking on the within the box as I started out it for the first time, I observed a caution that some individuals may discover these headphones to be too tight. Grado says that if these do experience tight, you can take on either part a little bit to allow for a reduce fit, but they notify against overdoing it, as you possibly can make the headphones loose too. I did not have a problem; these seemed to fit me perfectly right out of the box. This, with the advanced stage of flexibility, led to a relaxed fit.

Though these do not feature the graphite and kevlar, military-grade develop that we have seen other headphones wearing, they still experience challengingly. That said, these are intended more for serious ear than to be taken everywhere, so you might want to be a little cautious if you are just throwing them into a backpack.


You will not discover any elegant built-in controllers or even a detachable wire here. Again, with the standard of the parts used, Grado had to earn some forfeit to be able to see the SR60e headphones for this cost. What you will discover is a long wire that is very dense. Evidently, these wider wires are better for excellent sound quality, but it also indicates that you are less likely to put on the wire down through daily use.

Sound Quality

In examining, I very temporarily examined the Grado Reputation Series SR60e with cellular phones to make sure that they would work well, and they did. That said, as I pointed out previously, these are first intended for excellent sound quality, so the most of my ear was done through a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 sound interface. I heard a few podcasts and an audio book to examine efficiency with the verbal words, but mostly I heard songs from different styles and times.


As Grado places it online for the SR60e: “Everyone likes a booming fish and kick-drum, but not at the price of everything else.” You will certainly listen to the fish, but it is not overemphasized as it is in many headphones. This could come as a surprise if you are only used to bass-heavy headphones, but the aim here is stability, and the SR60e provide.


Grado also talks about their headphones’ world-renowned mid-range, and they are not incorrect. Even in these entry-level headphones, the mid-range is obvious you should appearing. This with the soundstage that open-back headphones are known for gives an additional stage of reality to reverb and space sound.


The highs are sharp and obvious with outstanding details, loaning a glow and gloss to cymbals and excellent series equipment without ever roaming into the realm of rudeness.

7.1Expert Score
GRADO Grado Prestige Series SR60e headphone

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great value
  • Dynamic Open Air Stereo system Headphones
  • Upgraded car owner design
  • Rich, complete bodied vocals
  • Foam Ear Cushions
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Copper Voice Coils and Cable
  • Supremely leaky
  • Sound gets a bit severe at excellent volume
  • No perfect for convenient use
On Sale
GRADO Grado Prestige Series SR60e headphone
301 Reviews
GRADO Grado Prestige Series SR60e headphone

  • import
  • Type open-air
  • Frequency characteristics: · 20 ~ 20000Hz impedance: · 32Ω
  • Weight: – about 150g (without cable) / about 220g (total weight)
  • Cable length: – about 2.1m plug: · 3.5mm stereo plug (gold-plated)


If you are looking for the best sound efficiency to cost price, the Grado SR60e are a awesome deal. You might be able to get a set of an open-back pair of headphones for less, but I would be very impressed if they came anywhere near appearing nearly as outstanding. Sure, these cannot be in comparison to Grado’s higher-end promotions, and they are not perfect for every scenario, but for genuine songs entertainment, these headphones make the perfect buy.

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