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Hbuds H1 wireless headphones review

If you like active lifestyle, Hbuds H1 wireless in-ear headphones are perfect for you. Waterproof design and clear sound are not only reasons to buy these budget-friendly headphones.

Hbuds H1

Hbuds H1 are wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones with a waterproof design and great sound quality intended for active people. They’re IPX – 7 certified which means you can actually run in the heavy rain or go in the shower with them. You don’t worry about sweating anymore because you’re going to be well protected.

Bluetooth version 4.1 allows fast pairing and long distance range up to 33 feets. aptX technology enhances the sound quality.
Three buttons allow you to have an easy control over your music and calls. Two buttons are at the top for volume up and down and skipping the tracks. Beautifully designed invisible button at the right earbud give you the option to for voice prompts which allows you connect them to either Siri or Google now.

A built-in microphone is there for calls in the noisy background with noise canceling 6.0 technology which reduces the outside noise.
The battery life of up to 9 hours gives you enough time for workouts and running. A full charge takes only 1.5 to 2 hours.


The headphones come in a black color with Hbuds logo on them. Nice shaky hooks allow comfortable wearing without the possible drops. We’re already familiar with a flat cable design which is very good on these. Unlike other similar headphones, these have a much more managable cord that just barely sits behind your neck so, thumbs up for that.

At the bottom of ear buds is a micro USB opening for charging which is closed because of the water resistance. There is also a LED light indicator on the side to show you the status of the headphones.

The Hbuds H1 headphones are very comfortable. But if you feel they aren’t, you’ll need to change the ear tips out for smaller or bigger ones which you’ll get in the packaging. The headphones come with multiple sizes of silicone and memory foam tips and can you try out all until you find the perfect one. For the most part, you’ll see that they’re comfortable, not the most comfortable but you’ll not have any problems wearing them at the gym, for example.


The packaging looks fantastic, it’s the first-class job. It has a really nice display so it labels some of the features with some nice pictures. You can see immediately that they’re designed for somebody who is interested in working out or going for a run or whatever but active lifestyle.
Immediately after you opened the box, you’ll see a several memory foam ear tips. There is a nice pleather pouch with the pull strings. In the box is also a USB to micro USB charger.


All the buttons are on your right ear bud. On top, you have volume and seek buttons. So you got volume down and volume up and if you want to seek forward while you’re listening to music, you just need to press and hold volume up button and if you want to seek backwards you’ll need to press and hold the volume down button. To turn on and off your Hbuds H1 headphones, just hold press and hold down the button in a shape of red S letter. You can also hang up and answer calls with this button.


The pairing with the phone is very easy to do. To pair with the Hbuds H1 headphones you just need to press the power button and hold it in and you’ll see it’s going to flash red and blue and they’re ready to pair. Next things you need to do is go to your Bluetooth settings on your phone and wait to the Hbuds H1 to show. Click on it and you’ll be connected. There you can set them to pair as a trusted device.

Bluetooth connectivity

The headphones have a Bluetooth 4.1. We found the Bluetooth connectivity had some great aspects and then were times when the signal breaks up easily. When you’re at the gym and if you put the phone in your bag you can walk almost 33 feet from it and you’ll still have the signal. Hbuds H1 has one of the longest range as Bluetooth headphones from a direct line of sight so we’re really impressed with that. Also, you have the ability to connect multiple devices at one time, for example, two phones, and you just need to stop using one and then use the other. So, that works perfectly.

Noise isolation

Hbuds H1 headphones have the noise isolation technology they call 6.0. If you’re at the gym and if you raise the volume on the Bluetooth headphones you’ll not hear a lot of background noise which is good. You’ll hear the phone call and what they pick up in the background. But as far as the headphones are in your ears, they can block out the external sound.

Sound quality

The sound quality of Hbuds H1 headphones is excellent. They’re a rival for much more expensive headphones as Beats that selling the similar headphones for 150 dollars or more. We think that Hbuds H1 headphones have a pretty same kind of sound quality for only 25 dollars.
These headphones really sound loud and once you put them in your ears, you’ll get some really strong bass. The bass is great and it’s not too heavy. The mids and basses definitely get some separation. You can’t really hear any sort of distortion even at the high levels. They’re suitable for any kind of music.

Call quality

The microphone does pick up background noise and with calls, you can hear people well. Any call you made the people from the other side of the line will say that they hear you very clear. So, big thumbs up for the voice call quality.


When you got the Bluetooth headphones, the first thing you’ll see when charging is that the light on the headphones is red and then when it’s done it turns blue. The full charge does take one and half hour to two hours.
You can get up to nine hours of battery life. It has quite a bit of standby time which is almost about two weeks.


All in all, we’re very pleased with Hbuds H1 headphones. The packaging is nice and they’re lightweight. The sound is excellent both for music and calls. This is definitely a headset for all day use, the workout one that we definitely would recommend. These headphones are a big surprise and very good for the money.

9.1Expert Score
Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sport Earphones Hbuds H1

The headphones come in a black color with Hbuds logo on them. Nice shaky hooks allow comfortable wearing without the possible drops.

  • Loud and crystal-clear sound with deep bass
  • Powerful battery
  • Waterproof design
  • Several memory foam ear tips
  • Easy controls and pairing
  • Noise cancellation should be better
Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sport Earphones Hbuds H1
253 Reviews
Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sport Earphones Hbuds H1

  • The ergonomically shaped earrests allows you to exercise comfortably no matter how intensely you exercise.
  • Best active sport earphones for running, jogging, hiking, biking, gym, yoga, etc, it always stays stable and makes you feel comfortable.
  • Stable Connectivity & High Fidelity Audio.
  • Hbuds noise cancelling headphones adopt the technology of APT-X and CVC 6.0 to get the optimum music experience without delay and noises outside.
  • 9 Hours of Playing Time & iOS and Android Display: Superior quick charge of only 1.5 hours.
  • Stereo headphones allows you to switch between music and answer the phone automatically.
  • Fast Customer Service.

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