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JayBird X3 Wireless Earbuds reviews

The Jaybird X3 appears to be even better than the previously top-rated X2.  Besides being smaller sized, less heavy, and more at ease, the X3 boasts big sound and a quality ears experience. The purpose why these are not our top choose is because of common strength problems and the removal of Micro-USB asking for wire. They are the best workout Earbuds.

Fit (Isolation)

  • Great selection of plastic and orthopedic Conform ear tips, excellent noise cancellation.
  • The fit for the Jaybird X3 is excellent. Multiple ear fin and ear tip sizes are provided to maximize the satisfaction and offer a limited fit.
  • The Conform orthopedic ear tips work excellent for reducing normal noise.
  • While there is no active noise cancellation, the overall noise cancellation is excellent.


Jaybird X3 Wireless Earbuds are lighter and smaller sized, little enough to fit under helmet, excellent convenience and fit. At roughly a 34% smaller sized size than the X2, the new X3 model is extremely lightweight, and is certainly comfortable. The ear fin model seems to have been enhanced since the first generation, and the sizes selections involved in the program are excellent for customizing the overall fit. A smaller sized and less heavy earbud size remains snug and protected in the ear. In addition, they are even little enough to put on under helmet.

The model allows for dressed in with the wire under the ear or over the ear, with the controls just behind the ear. Cord and clothing segments are provided for any minimal wire control needs.

Durability (Sweat-Resistance)

Same strength problems seem to persist while client assistance worsened. You will find the only listlessness of Jaybird X3 Wireless Earbuds. The Jaybird X3 features a hydrophobic Nano covering that makes these Earbuds resistant to water and sweat. A lightweight and the right model enhances the moisture level of resistance properties, creating these your best option for exercises and sport.

The one mark against the X3 is that the strength was not enhanced over the first model. The little ear tips have had problems coming unglued or breaking. Jaybird has always had continually excellent assistance for their items in the event of system failure or other statements.

However, it should be mentioned that Logitech recently acquired the Jaybird brand and assurance assistance statements have seen a slower reaction time in comparison to past positive client experiences.


In-line controls and mic of the Jaybird X3 Wireless Earbuds are excellent. The in-line 3-button remote and talkback mic is effective, and built-in speech prompts will read-out battery power when the headphones are turned on. The big alternation in how the X3 controls differ from past designs is how it joins to the USB battery charger. The involved customized adaptor video must be used to affix to the in-line control. (Do not lose this clip!)

Bluetooth (Battery)

Jaybird X3 Wireless Earbuds have eight hours battery power, customized USB charge is a bad factor, if you lose it you need to buy a new one. Battery life for these Wireless Earbuds is excellent, with about 8 hour of ears time on a complete charge. The wireless range is excellent, continually exceeding the common 33 inches of range.

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A 2-hour charge time is often sufficient for fully asking for the lithium battery power. It should be mentioned that there is no involved battery charger, only the asking for video adaptor.

Jaybird X3 Sound

Jaybird X3 Wireless Earbuds have a great V-shaped sound trademark better bass and highs evaluate to past model, more popular sound, MySound app. The Jaybird X3 provides excellent sound in comparison to most other Wireless headphones. The drivers have been enhanced since the first model. In addition, even with a small size, the noise of the X3 is much better and pronounced. Bass notes are highly effective and punchy.

The general frequency reaction could be described as V-shaped, so it is not flat, but the immersive great high company’s sound trademark is almost addicting. Again, the sound quality is very impressive considering these are wireless headphones with very little drivers.

The overall sound quality appears to be better and more sophisticated when using some of the modified configurations in the app. Any microphone noise from the wire is significantly reduced when dressed in the wire over the ears. However, if the in-line control is behind the ear, the talkback mic will not work very well. The Jaybird X3 is an excellent upgrade from older designs, already creating it one of the best appearing wireless Earbuds this year.

Considering the top quality charge and minimal strength concerns, the X3 is an option worth considering for your next set of workout Earbuds, especially if you can discas them on sale well below the $299 MSRP.

8.1Expert Score
JayBird X3 Wireless Earbuds

Jaybird X3 Wireless Earbuds are the best option for all type of sport. Your go-to Wireless Earbuds for working out.

  • Stronger bass reaction than X2s
  • Premium Conform froth tips give the best comfort
  • MySound app is effective for customized sound settings
  • Best sound quality in type of Wireless sport Earbuds
  • Featherweight and light-weight, can fit under a helmet
  • Strong 8 hour battery power per charge
  • Tight fit and excellent noise isolation
  • 3 different sizes of ear wings
  • Warranty assistance from new Logitech team is a little slow
  • Durability and qc problems with early release versions
  • Don't assistance Micro-USB cable
  • Heavy charge (you get what you pay for)
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JayBird X3 Wireless Earbuds
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JayBird X3 Wireless Earbuds

  • The X3 Headphones by Jaybird are designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing performance and looks.
  • The patented silicone ear fins securely attach to the top and back/lower surface areas of the ear for a snug fit, locking the earbuds in during workouts and intense physical activities.
  • Built to last with a sleek yet rugged design, the X3 Headphones are great for sports, workouts, and all weather conditions.
  • Don’t let a low battery interrupt your day.
  • The MySound App allows you to tweak and customize the sound of your X3 headphones for a personalized experience, and save them for later as a profile

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