JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Earbuds

Jab’s newest upgrade to its Impressive wired and wireless Earbuds is the Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless, a $99.99 in-canal exercise-focused headphone pair. The fit is truly one the most secure-feeling in-ear closes you will get in this cost variety and even a little greater. From a sound viewpoint, the Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless provides the growing bass response that lots of individuals rely on to keep their work out program going. If it’s stability you’re looking for, the bass-forward sound trademark isn’t likely to be quite what you’re looking for—there could be more great regularity meaning and existence. However, regarding fit and bass response, the Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless provides.


Available in red/white/blue and blue, black/grey/teal, models, the Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless differs in flashiness based upon on which shade mixture you opt for—the black edition will likely go unseen, while the USA-themed pair will probably stand out. An IPX5 ranking means the Earbuds can manage mineral water, sweating, and rainfall without issue. They can be washed off, too.

The in-ear fit is protected and smooth, and JLab makes sure to give you the best possibilities of securing in the perfect fit by providing six sets of ear tips in various styles and dimensions. The Epic2 Bluetooth’s semi-stiff wiring near the earpieces allows for a constant cycle over your ear, while two cable management cinches help you modify cable slack.


On paths with extreme sub-bass material, like The Knife’s “Silent Yell,” the Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless provides the kind of serious rumble that many individuals give them the courage at the gym. At the top, dangerous quantity levels (the Epic2 gets quite loud); there is not a sign of distortions on this complicated monitor, while at lower, more average volumes, the bass still appears to be powerful.

The percussion on this monitor get far more thunderous existence than they generally would, and Callahan’s baritone words have some serious low-mid wealth that is improved through the Earbuds. The high-mids and highs feel somewhat called back. Everything does not sound dirty, but the sound trademark is bass-forward and lows-and-mids-focused. Factors could be a little bit sharper in the greater wavelengths to provide a better sense of quality and meaning.

The Epic2 Earbuds are available in three shades including Black, Teal and the Blue/Grey edition that you see above. Connected to each bud is a short memory cable that can be established around the outside of your ear to change the fit.

Fit and function

The Epic2 Earbuds come with quite a variety of ear guidelines that variety in size and types. It is regrettable (for me) that they did not consist of side style guidelines. That is the style and style and style that works best in my ear.

These are the kind of Earbuds that closure out outside noise, which you may or may not like. I do not like this style because when I stop songs, I can listen to my heart defeating, my respiration, and my speech when I am in a phone call.

Sweat proof?

I used the Earbuds while working out on more than one event, and did not have any issues with sweating destructive them. However, I should preface that past declaration by saying that my exercises usually do not make me sweating enough that it is actually running into my ear.

Sound quality

I combined the JLab Epic2 Earbuds with my Nexus 6P and an iPhone 7 and heard a variety of songs through Spotify and video clips on YouTube. Volume levels are good. In fact, I found them almost too noisy when listening songs and music in a basic room. I would often want to turn down the sound just a little more but was not able to do so without switching off the sound completely.

8.3Expert Score
JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Earbuds

The workout-focused JLab Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds provide a bass-forward sound trademark in one of the more protected in-ear suits on the market.

  • Exceptionally protected fit with several ear tip options
  • Performance with improved bass response
  • Powerful sound
  • Rinsable style
  • Water-resistant
  • Could use more great regularity existence and quality
  • Easy to unintentionally miss a monitor when modifying quantity
  • Bottom line
JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Earbuds
2,217 Reviews
JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Earbuds

  • Features Massive 13mm C3 Crystal Clear Clarity Drivers.Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Includes 4 Sizes Revolutionary Cush Fins and 6 Gel Tips
  • Custom Zippered Travel Case
  • Universal Mic and Easy-to-Use Track Control
  • JLab’s World-Class Service & One-Year Warranty

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