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Koss BTS1 wireless speaker review

If you need a portable speaker on the move powerful enough to be heard in any room which sounds great, Koss BTS1 is the right choice.

Koss BTS1

The Koss BTS1 is an excellent choice for people who lead an active lifestyle and who don’t depend on the power source. This wireless speaker from Koss is one of the best options on the market in the ratio of price/quality. For a relatively small price, you will get a loyal companion, which will allow you to enjoy high-quality, surround sound of your favorite tracks wherever you go.
The case of the model consists of modern gray plastic, capable to withstand the vibration effects that occur when operating at a maximum power of 88 dB.

Koss BTS1 Bluetooth Speaker
List Price:$40.99
Price Disclaimer
Koss BTS1 Bluetooth Speaker
List Price:$40.99
Price Disclaimer

This audio system is compatible with most modern devices that are able to work with wireless data transfer via Bluetooth. Also, in the packaging is an AUX input, which greatly expands its connection capabilities.
The speaker is capable to work up to 5 hours without recharging, more than most wireless devices which operating time is only a few hours.


The Koss BTS1 distinguishes by small dimensions and weight. The speaker weighs about 0,88 pounds and has the following dimensions: width – 3.90 inches, height – 2.95 inches and depth 0.98 inches. It’s light and compact enough to fit in your trouser pocket or purse.
The build quality is excellent, no squeaks and backlashes. The speaker has the innovative design: the side and the back part is made of a dense white polycarbonate. The bracket, hidden in the body, helps to put the speaker in a convenient position onto a flat surface. But there is one more possibility, there is a hole at the end of the bracket, you can hook the speaker, fastening it to the backpack.

You can also use the device without the bracket, simply by placing it on the table. The rear panel covers a rubber layer that keeps the loudspeaker from slipping in both positions – vertical and horizontal.
All connectors are on the left side – micro USB for charging and a pair of audio connectors. One of them gives a sound to the output. You can use the Koss BTS1 speaker as a kind of wireless signal receiver with further transfer to a wired system – headphones or another speaker.
An aluminum honeycomb grid covers the front of the speaker through which you can see a single LED light. This LED light changes color depending on the current status of connection or level of the battery.


The speaker comes in a compact package with a transparent window. On the reverse side, you can see the main advantages of this model. The package includes a micro USB cable, a soft case and a warranty card.
Micro USB cable allows you to connect the speaker for recharging without interrupting the music. If you need to use a cable connection, rather than Bluetooth, the bundle includes a stereo cable that you can connect to the 3.5mm jack, and in that case, you can use it as ordinary speakers. If you want to connect Koss BTS1 to another speaker, use the same cable and insert it into the audio jack on the same side.


The controls are at the top of the speaker and you’ll find three buttons there which are mechanical and rubber. The middle button you can use to power/pair the speaker. The plus and minus buttons are for volume control. That’s it: BTS1 is incredibly easy to use.

Bluetooth connectivity

The Koss BTS1 speaker uses Bluetooth 3.0 with a connectivity range up to 10 meters. You will not have any problems with connection although the Bluetooth version is pretty old. You can walk around the room freely without glitches.
BTS1 seamlessly connects to all the devices that we paired, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The most successful pairing will be done with your Android phone, which remotely restores the connection every time you activate Bluetooth or turn on/off BTS1, without having to perform any additional actions.

Sound quality

Koss BTS1, despite its size, produces a good sound. It’s bright and saturated, low frequencies are weak though, but it’ll go without wheezes and extraneous noise. The loudness of the speaker is enough not only for quiet songs but also for full watching of movies.
You’ll hear the Koss BTS1 speaker throughout all your apartment as it’s loud enough. A strong sound flows from the BTS1 speakers, which is surprising, considering that sound runs via Bluetooth technology. Although, the sound quality also depends on the source, not just the speaker. In any case, the device sounds powerful and loud, without any interference and distortion. In addition, it has good quality audio at a low volume.


According to the manufacturer, the battery can withstand playing music wirelessly for more than 5 hours. But according to our tests, it lasted only about four hours, after which it must be put on recharging. Moreover, the device does not turn off automatically even when the music stops. You can hear a triple “low battery”. By the way, if you hear this warning signal in the middle of a music track, connecting the device to an instant charger will solve the problem, and the music will not stop and you will not need to pair it again.


Despite the fact that this product has some drawbacks, it sounds great, and the sound is powerful enough to be heard anywhere near you.
To summarize, we can say that many of us are not generally don’t like the Bluetooth speakers. As a rule, these devices are cheap and the sound is rather unpleasant. But, among them, there are several products which we must exclude from that list as Koss BTS1 is definitely on of the best for the price. It’s surprising that this small package produces such a good sound.

9.5Expert Score
Koss BTS1 wireless speaker review

  • Durable
  • Loud and clear sound
  • Easy to use
  • Nice price
  • Only 4 hours of battery life
Koss BTS1 wireless speaker review
87 Reviews
Koss BTS1 wireless speaker review

  • Bluetooth
  • Direct your sound with built in kickstand and grip ring
  • Control your music with the on-board button array
  • Use the included auxiliary cable to wire your sound directly or daisy chain it to other speakers
  • At just .36 pounds, this lightweight speaker is incredibly portable for on-the-go listening

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