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Marshall Major II On-Ear Headphones, Brown

A “cool” individual sound product is an amazingly unusual thing, and if you’ve compensated much attention to the industry for top quality product headphones lately, Marshall’s been a real up-and-comer. The Marshall product is certified by a Remedial brand known as Zound Sectors, with Marshall Major II enabling the right to use the famous signature and kind of its amps and other products on individual sound equipment. It never hurts that goods are perfect – Zound has made some amazingly great Wireless signers and headphones, and the unique significant on-ear was probably the brand’s greatest success yet.

The Marshall Major II headphones is a small(-ish) upgrade to that earphone, with a few new techniques in regards to development and design, though mostly a guarantee of excellent power and low-end response that the unique were, at the same time only a little bit, belittled for missing. Compared with many headphones, really no confuse with a set of Marshall’s – the white Marshall brand logo is emblazoned on both hearing, in silver on the scarf inner, the appearance of the car owner enclosures (soft artificial set, not plastic), and the injure cable coming off only one ear get them hard to missing.

From a sound viewpoint, I think Zound have hit a lovely sign – there’s enough personality here to provide mass-market attraction, but they’re not as updated or bass-heavy as to damage songs. Yes, the Beatles will sound a bit more bottom-heavy than they would have in 1965, but Marshall does not go marketing these as a audiophile product; they’re about entertainment, not medical research.

The amazing information is that even if the headphones not fit for every category. The mid-range response on the Marshall Major II headphones is exceptional, if a bit dirty at high amounts, enabling words to glow with quality and “like-you-were-in-the-studio” reality.

Would the Marshall Major II headphones substitute the Grados at my desk? Probably not – they’re very suitable for my particular number of songs hearing, but for TV and game playing, the updated response just does not perform properly as well, whereas a smooth studio room or audiophile earphone gives you the of a routine and stability you want for those kinds of things. But for actual mobility, the Marshall Major II headphones easily generate the sign in my bag. They always make songs fun, and that’s most of what I’m taking in regards to sound on-the-go. The world does not intrude on your songs, but you’re not going to your investment globe is there, either.

Features and design

Fans of the unique Marshall Major II headphones will feel right at home with the Wireless edition, as Marshall has smartly kept all of its key design characteristics in place: Marshall’s acquainted brand logo printed in white, gold elaborations on the inside of the group and at the tips of the guitar-style wire (for those times you need to connect in), and dimply texturing along the external, intended to replicate Marshall’s famous presenter units.

Marshall Major II Performance

The Marshall Major II headphones also sound better than the first design, with enhanced bass response and improved details. They’re pretty heated and forgiving; they are very effective with some songs but have a respectable amount of quality. You sometimes get a little too much bass force in sub-$100 headphones that brings to some muddiness but overall these headphones are pretty well healthy and sound as excellent as more expensive headphones we’ve examined.

Marshall Major II Comfort

Comfort was a key function for the unique Marshall Major II headphones, and nothing’s modified with Wireless loading added on. The comfortable covers provide a lot of assistance, and while we wish there were a bit more cushioning on the group, it’s easy to wear these containers all day without issue.

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Marshall Major II On-Ear Headphones, Brown (4091112)

The Marshall Major II headphones also sound better than the first design, with enhanced bass response and improved details.

  • The cost-effective
  • Enhanced bass efficiency
  • Better quality
  • fold inward
  • A removable wire with a one-button inline distant and mic
  • Well-balanced
  • clean sound response
  • Wealthy bass and sharp highs. Comfortable, lightweight model
  • Detachable wire
  • Plastic look not for everyone
  • Purists may find the headphones too bass-heavy
  • Inline distant does not have quantity controls
Marshall Major II On-Ear Headphones, Brown (4091112)
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Marshall Major II On-Ear Headphones, Brown (4091112)

  • 40mm handmade drivers
  • Wired or wireless connectivity
  • Integrated 3-button remote and microphone
  • On-ear design with fully collapsible construction

The Base Line

The pair of Marshall Major II headphones is an extremely stylized set of on-ear headphones with amazing sound efficiency for the price. The mixture of an enhanced design and better efficiency makes the Marshall Major II headphones a powerful on-ear competitor for around $100 USD.

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