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Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold Headphones (Gold & Black) Review

Just looking at the whole Meze 99 Classics, Walnut Gold headphones give one a perfect idea of just how suggested the headphones world has become. In the standard hi-fi world, a deal of this beauty and comprehensiveness basically wouldn’t happen for $309.

What Is The Pitch?

The Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold headphones is a $309 individual powerful 40mm car owner woodsy surrounded supra-aural headphones designed by a Romanian company, Meze. It is the last name of the designer, Antonio Meze try and bring something deserving to the table with regards to excellent headphones that people will buy into. I question Antonio will remember, but we surpassed routes before about 3-4 years back when an email decreased into my mailbox providing the 88 Classics which was first I observed of Meze. I realized the design and model and didn’t take up the option.

This time, the Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold headphones is made entirely in-house. It is made way that essentially every aspect is exchangeable which quite apart to make DIY people sit up and pay attention also means the assurance on these cans is pretty unshakable. This sort reminds me of the Grado strategy, but now there are not a specification of adhesive in view on the Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold headphones. The quality of participation is very efficient, from the frequency maps to the develop and R&D process these people have gone for the fully woodsy headphones experience that not only looks elegant but also look like a long lasting investment.


There is not a sign of low quality plastic materials on these cans as far as I can see and looking into their style information and this does seem to be verified. They consisted entirely of walnut timber, silicon, zinc oxide, spring steel and ABS and completed pleather and orthopedic. Each element is user exchangeable, and when I say each one I mean every individual bit of the headphones from the headphones to the cups, motorists, electrical sockets, you name it. When you look at everything taken apart in the image below it is an amazingly simple but effective develop.


Wearing the 99 Classics was a joy mostly. They were comfortable and light, even for too much time listening to classes comprising time. In fact, the more I used them, the more I liked dressed in them. A portion of that convenience I related to the flexible tension headphones. Compared with some headphones where you individually Chang the strain, the headphones on the Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold headphones auto adapts. The only potential disadvantage is that if you like your headphones to have a certain hardness, you can’t execute that modification with the 99 Classics. But individually, the flexible tension headphones proved helpful like an appeal.


The headphones itself is a very flexible and durable dual band framework that does not sit on your head. Instead, it keeps the whole style unshakable and firm, is applicable the tension and clamping as well as performing as the support for the smooth leather headphones system that rests just beneath. There is no actual slider system for changing the leather band to fit your head, you put it on, and it will expand according to your head dimension with two little flexible martial finishes on each side of the cups.


The timber made cups are a small circumaural or maybe a big supra-aural based upon on your ear dimension. Certainly, for me, they are a little circumaural significance there is some adapting to do. The feed is excellent, but you can neglect the rather strange black knots feature at the center of the cup in the primary image, this is a category B device so that you won’t get that on retail store models, they just will not successfully pass the QC. Each cup is designed initially on a CNC machine and then completed and refined side with Meze declaring each set takes roughly 45 hours to finish. The Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold headphones cups are dual access,, so it won’t matter a rattling which port goes into which cup. If you are increasing in low mild, that’s a useful advantage.


The pads on the cups are PU leather protecting orthopedic pads with a method detail within surfaces adjacent a little piece of sentimental cushioning protecting the motorist safety grill. They are not the inner I have ever used, but they do closure well. I would have liked to have seen these with plusher wider pads and a little bit better detail for convenience reasons if the same sound trademark can stay unchanged.

Cable & Accessories

The 99 Classics retail store system is amazing. Within you get a semi-stiffened curved zip situation to carry the headphones as well as a little NAD motivated zipper bag within for having your components between the headphones when on the go. It jogs my storage of the V-Moda cases only a little larger and more lately the Ether C situation which also has an, in the same way, curved design. Aside from that Meze have involved an air travel adaptor as well as a one-fourth port adapter with the 99 Classics.

9.1Expert Score
Meze 99 Classics over-ear headphones ( Walnut Gold )

The latest in the classics series, the Meze 99 classics promises to deliver perfect natural sound even to the pickiest of audio lovers.

  • Excellent sound efficiency with communicate highs and perfect bass reaction
  • Lots of components, such as removable wires with inline remotes
  • Very excellent imaging and device separation
  • Energetic and entertaining sound signature
  • Excellent style, construction, looks and finish
  • Very punchy, well prolonged, fast bass
  • Overall relatively neutral sound signature
  • Outstanding overall sound
  • A unique treble
  • Very excellent voices
  • Magnificent soundstage
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Splendid transients
  • Excellent midrange
  • Premium packaging
  • Good depth
  • Superb dynamics
  • The heavy style is not suitable for mobile use
  • Above-average noise exchange through the headphones and cable
  • Elastic headphones doesn't allow for guide fit adjustment
  • Performance of inline mic could be better
On Sale
Meze 99 Classics over-ear headphones ( Walnut Gold )
105 Reviews
Meze 99 Classics over-ear headphones ( Walnut Gold )

  • 99 Classics entered Top 10 Best closed-back headphones of all time on head-fi forum and received the Wall of Fame on Innerfidelity. 
  • REAL WOOD EARCUPS are precision carved on a CNC machine and then hand finished and polished (the complete process lasts 45 days).
  • SELF-ADJUSTING PU HEADBAND spreads the weight out, so it comfortably fits all head sizes.
  • No glue, just nuts, and bolts. We guarantee that the 99 Classics are FULLY SERVICEABLE if any parts would ever need to be replaced because we built these headphones to last.

Bottom Line

The Meze 99 Classics are handsomely developed headphones that provide an exciting sound experience. Let’s forget for a little while that they are shut and just say that they are amazing headphones normally.

Besides the eye sweets looks, top high quality and excellent finish, they also offer a fantastic sound high quality which made me reduce myself within music often providing me goosebumps along the way.

They make me think of a compact and shut form of Sennheiser HD800. Yes, I liked them that much. Now don’t anticipate the same degree of efficiency, but Meze 99 Classics jogs my storage of them in some ways, and they have a less severe high and better bass expansion.

I am grateful I had the chance to pay attention to them, and I think I might just buy one for myself soon. Considering that these indicate the origins of Meze, I am very interested in listening to their next products, and I rest assured that they will shock us even more!

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