NAD – VISO HP50 (Black) Review

NAD Viso HP50 over-ear headphone was presented in 2013 and has since become an soundphile preferred because it generates very precise sound, is perfectly designed, and won’t insolvent you at $300.

The headphone comes in three colors – red, white and red you see here. It’s well made yet pretty lightweight for a full-size headphone, with a weight of it at 8.0 oz. or 226 grams. As far as accessories go, it comes with two 4.2-foot (1.3m) detachable wires, one of which has an Apple-friendly three-button remote and mic (what which implies is not all the remote’s features will actually interact with each other with Android and windows mobile phones but the mic will).

This is one of those headphones that can be used at house or on the go, and while it isn’t lightweight, it does flip smooth and comes with an excellent bag, plus another little components pail situation keep wires and aircraft adaptor. That components situation stows within the bag.

As we said, the headphone is magnificently designed, but how much you like its looks is an issue of flavor, of course, and not everybody is going to like the squarish form of its earcups.

NAD Viso HP50 Performance

The NAD Viso HP50, performs it directly down the center — it’s not shiny or bassy — and it should entice soundphile looking for a precise sound stability.

Electronica expert Aphex Twin’s “Syro” record is packed with incredibly strong surpasses and creative synth designs, and the Viso HP50 did not look at any of the facts. We were also satisfied that it appears to be as breezy and huge as it does for a closed-back headphone.

NAD Viso HP50 The Background

The NAD Viso HP50 of course isn’t a new headphone but for reasons unknown we never got to presenting it on Headfonia. As everyone is regularly talk about NAD Viso HP50 headphone, we had to confirm it out for ourselves. An overview that’s lengthy late.

The 32Ohm HP50 is a shut full-sized over ear headphone. The detachable set pads are really smooth and closure quite well, they hardly let any sound in (or out). Visitors with larger hearing (you know who you are) should observe however that your hearing will be in contact with the pads all of the time. The ear glasses on the HP50 rotating so the headphone can lie smooth and it causes them to be simpler to transportation. Individually I discover them a bit big to take with them all plenty of efforts and I do consider them more as a “home” type of headphone.

Sound & Technology

Of course looks aren’t it is essential when choosing a headphone and so I was expecting the sound aspect would strike me away. And strike me away it did when I first put on the (already burnt off in) NAD Viso HP50. I did not anticipate this sound signature! Most of that period when everyone prefers a headphone (let’s take the Sennheiser Strength as example) you have big bass, heated sound and dense mids with somewhat combined off highs. I was expecting the HP50 to be exactly like that but oh was I incorrect.

The developer of the headphone, John Barton from PSB Sound system, is known for his speaker development but has already designed the M4U headphones as well. He’s very much well known for what he does and I have to say I regard him for what he did with this NAD Viso HP50 headphone.

7.3Expert Score
NAD - VISO HP50 (Black)

The NAD Viso HP50 isn't surpass competitors in its cost, but it does sound really excellent and should be given concern if you're looking for a soundphile-grade headphone that won't hurt your wallet.

  • Versatile
  • Multirole
  • Airy for a shut can
  • An enveloping sound
  • Outstanding scalability
  • Room Feel is for sure
  • A well designed and relaxed to wear
  • Apple helpful remote/microphone
  • Impressively precise, fresh sound
  • Expensive
  • Some remote features may not interact with each other with Android operating system gadgets
NAD - VISO HP50 (Black)
146 Reviews
NAD - VISO HP50 (Black)

  • Sensitivity: 100 dB (@1kHz)
  • Impedance: 32O (passive)
  • Transducer Design: Dynamic driver
  • Frequency Response: 20-20kHz (± 3dB)
  • Bass Extension: -3dB at 15Hz

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