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Sennheiser HD 700 over ear headphones review

Sennheiser is well-known as a leader in the production of headsets for home and professional use. Sennheiser HD 700 represents a continuation of the successful line of Hi-End stereo headphones HD 800. They have the same legacy with apparently similar design. But we must mention that they’re significantly cheaper.

Sennheiser HD 700

Combining Sennheiser’s sound expertise and unique design, Sennheiser HD 700 headphones promise excellent sound and balanced audio playback. Highly optimized ventilated magnet system minimizes air turbulence. Very low THD is achieved with superior and extremely stable internal damping elements. Opened type of ear cups is not anything revolutionary. It makes the sound transparent showing the cut edge industrial design. Sennheiser HD 700 headphones provide extraordinary wearing comfort.

Ultra-comfortable and luxury Velor ear pads and silicone headband minimize ring resonance. Innovative and highly aesthetic materials provide better stability. Also it eliminates negative impacts on sound quality. Symmetrical and detachable non-oxygenated copper cable with four wires for better visibility at higher frequencies. Comfort, sci-fi design and excellent sound quality are the main advantages of these headphones.


Sennheiser HD 700 exterior design makes the powerful impression. The stylish Sci-Fi look combines convenient and pleasant to touch materials. At the EISA Award, HD 700 impressed the jury with their modern design and innovative technologies. Because of that, they awarded the HD 700 with the title “The best Hi-Fi headphones of Europe 2012-2013”.

These headphones have the open-back design like the most of the headphones made by Sennheiser. Silvery segments which form the rear part of each ear cup are made of fine-quality steel. They’re artfully curved to provide a smooth surface. The steel mesh covers each hole, enclosed in a plastic frame. This structure is very similar to the one in the HD 800. Behind it’s a 40-millimeter driver.

Despite the resemblance, the grid is much softer. The headphones weight is 272 g but they are a little bit heavy.

Sennheiser HD 700 design has some distinctive special features. One of the most remarkable is ventilated magnetic system. The air flow is properly regulated. Also, the general turbulence is decreased to a minimum. Thanks to this feature, quantity of artifacts decreases.


Sennheiser HD 700 headphones gently cover the ears. They have the cover of a fine velour and made big to ensure the proper weight distribution. Despite the fact that the lining is a little hard, the headphones are very comfortable. The wrap supplemented with a soft lining and distributes the pressure over the entire head.

This is absolutely not the street headphones. That’s because they practically don’t have the sound isolation and noise is coming out freely. This doesn’t mean it’s a disadvantage, but we must note it.

Accessories and cables

Sennheiser HD 700 is provided with a protective carrying case. The package doesn’t contain any additional accessories. In HD 700 is used dense textile wire, with a length of 3 meters, and inside is a cable from oxygen-free copper strengthened with Kevlar. It’s interesting that the cable ends with a 6.3 mm jack and we didn’t find an adapter in the package. It’s mainly because designers didn’t make these headphones for use on mobile devices. There’s still an option to buy 3.5mm from Sennheiser.

However, the important fact is that the cable is removable and excellent quality. In contrast to Sennheiser HD 650, each ear cup’s cable in this model uses a mono 2.5mm connector shielded with a rubber lip to facilitate connection.

Sound quality

So, Sennheiser HD 700 headphones have “warmer” sound than HD 800, and stronger and sharper than on 650 series. The excellent balance and smooth transitions from low bass to the highest produce a wonderful sound. It allows you to wear the headphones all day long. The character of the bass is like on the Sennheiser HD 800. This powerful sound with sufficient volume fully disclose the sound tracks, while emphasis on low frequencies.The quality of the sound is possible to compare with Shure SRH1440 and HiFiMAN HE-5.

The result: greater clarity and sound integrity, than SRH1440. The headphones are similar to HE-5, but with greater warmth and width of the sound. Not everyone will like it, but it all depends on someone’s taste.

The strongest side of this model is the midrange, the sound is saturated, perfectly clean, not overpriced. HD 700 has a large range of mid frequencies. Because of that such instruments as the guitar and synthesizer sound exciting. And incredible clarity makes listening to the movie dialogues very natural. You will feel like the actors are standing next to you. Treble is a problem sometimes.

They are comfortable for listening to music with a variety of instruments and vocal parts. You’ll clearly hear every note. Listening to a more bass-type of music, such as drum & bass or dubstep is also very nice. It’s possible to hear a clean and accurate bass that sometimes lacks sufficient depth. Despite this, thanks to the high resolution of the wide scene, the HD 700 is suitable for comfortable, long listening to any type of music. These headphones don’t need any special conditions. With an impedance of 150 Ohms, it should sound good on almost any modern device.

Frequency response & impedance

A low average sensitivity is in the range of 100 Hz – 10 kHz on HD 700 70 – 104.3 dB/V. It indicates that an external amplifier is required for comfortably listening to music. According to the data, the sensitivity at 1000 Hz at 1W is 105 dB. Although according to some measurements it was 103.8 dB. These deviations periodically occur due to the difference in tests performed by the manufacturer.


Once you have “serious” headphones, the concept of “price” becomes a solid quality determinant. The best thing we could do is to compare Sennheiser HD 700 with their competitors. They aren’t magic headphones that can manage to outperform all of their more expensive competitors. Beyerdynamic T1 and Sennheiser HD 800 are better in so many ways. However, they really deserve their place on the shelf, even at a very high price. HD 700 headphones comes with a 2-year warranty, and sales receipt is required for warranty claims.


In conclusion, Sennheiser HD 700 – “serious” headphones for $500, with the strong niche between HD 650 and HD 800. They combine the low sound of the first model with more refined details and superior bass balance of HD 800. A great clarity and a lot of details make these headphones undoubtedly an excellent choice.

These headphones don’t look so majestic as Sennheiser HD 800. But we must admit they have stunning design. The Sci-Fi design has the narrow audience, so many audiophiles will not like it. Yes, they are not made entirely of steel, glass, wood and other materials. But they are very durable and expensive. Each connection and flexible wire hoop certainly indicate that this are a high-end headphones. In addition, the bass impact is a little bit weak, and HD 650 are much better in it.

8.6Expert Score
Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone

Sennheiser HD 700 exterior design makes the powerful impression. The stylish Sci-Fi look combines convenient and pleasant to touch materials.

  • Excellent details
  • High comfort
  • Excellent build quality
  • Noise cancelling
  • Inferior sound intensity compares to HD-800
  • Some may prefer a brighter sound
  • A little bit heavy as audiophiles are picky
Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone
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Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone

  • Specially tuned, highly efficient drivers capable of delivering high sound pressure levels and a flat frequency response. Nominal impedance: 150 ohms
  • Highly optimized ventilated magnet system minimizes air turbulence and harmonic, intermodulation distortion. Sound pressure level : 105 dB. THD, total harmonic distortion is less than 0,03 percentage
  • Open back ear cups facilitate transparent sound while showcasing cutting edge industrial design

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