Sennheiser IE 80 Latest review

There is something interested about the way so many individuals neglect high-end in-ear headphones like the Sennheiser IE 80. We’ve met individuals who think nothing of establishing up thousands of weight for a encompass system they’ll hardly use effectively – for worry of harmful housemates, other sections or getting children – but would never invest more than £30 on a set of headphones. Earphones they will use for hours every day. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it? Let us discover out if the IE 80 have what it takes to change their marbles.

The Sennheiser IE 80 takes the top-end baton from the IE 8i, one of well-known sets of 2020. They do not look very different and offer very similar performance, although this new couple simply omits the hands-free kit – the unavoidable IE 80i will tighten-up that slack.

Like their forerunners, we have not dropped in love with the looks of the IE 80 IEMs. Sennheiser has included an applied steel dish to the rear again, but they continue to be large and angular in a way that will not win them any pretty points. The nasty systems of the pals are completed in dark steel brownish, making up a group of 3 of colors with the gold of the rear again and the dark of the wire – an exclusive style, but not a wonderful one. When they will invest most of their time in your hearing so what about you, right?

Setting aside the looks question, the Sennheiser IE 80 makes many of the right goes. The wire is detachable, allowing you substitute it without having to substitute the headphones themselves, and leads to a large right-angle port that should be able to take a position some important penalties. With an ordinary plastic-coated circular wire style, Sennheiser has not made any noticeable goes to lessen tangling, but as wire rubbing is low, we missed this a problem

9.0Expert Score
Sennheiser IE 80 Latest

The Sennheiser IE 80 headphones do not come with an ordinary bring case, but part of the unusually chunky nasty appearance draws out, becoming nasty shield for your new, expensive headphones.

  • Bass remodeling
  • Excellent bass
  • Powerful all-round sound
  • Comfortable style
  • Great Data
  • Bass switch probably unnecessary
  • Minor update over IE 8
  • Average looks
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Sennheiser IE 80 Latest
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Sennheiser IE 80 Latest

  • Dynamic speaker systems with powerful neodymium magnets ensure outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity.
  • Excellent attenuation of ambient noise of up to 26 dB
  • Extremely durable housing and rugged, interchangeable cable
  • Sleek ergonomic design of ear-canal phones.
  • Manual Language – English. Frequency response : 10 – 20000 Hz. Sound pressure level (SPL) : 125 dB
  • Connectivity technology: Wired

Sennheiser IE 80 Key Features

  • Compatible with MP3, CD gamers, iPad, iPod, iPhone and cell mobile phones (iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod conventional, iPod New ipod nano, iPod mix up, and iPod touch are images of The apple company Inc., authorized in the U.S. and other nations.)
  • Dynamic sound systems with highly effective neodymium heat make sure excellent sound precision and quality
  • Extremely resilient real estate and strong, exchangeable wire
  • Removable cable
  • Excellent attenuation of normal disturbance of up to 26dB
  • Unique, guide regularity reaction adjusting functionality
  • Adjustable fish response
  • Sleek ergonomic office style of ear-canal phones
  • Manufacturer: Sennheiser
  • 2-year warranty
  • 10 – 20,000 Hz regularity response
  • 2m cable

Bottom line:

The Sennheiser IE 80 headphones do not come with an ordinary bring case, but part of the unusually chunky nasty appearance draws out, becoming nasty shield for your new, expensive headphones. Within the appearance, you will also get a couple of rubbery ear hook varieties to let you wear them over your hearing easily. Like the pals themselves, they are not exactly pretty, but keep the wire in check very well – more so than most ear hook ranges we have experienced.

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