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Best Sennheiser Momentum Free Headset Review

Six-hour battery life and lavish case make it the ideal device for your experience. They only function via Bluetooth. Really comfortable and light-weighted. Sennheiser Momentum Free headphones are agreeable, acceptable to utilize, and with the correct classifications of music, they sound just perfect. The superb Sennheiser Momentum Free is our most firm Bluetooth earphone ever.

Included in the Box

  • USB cable for charging
  • A pair of Earpiece
  • 4 Ear Pads
  • Charging Case

Sennheiser Momentum Free Headset

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Sennheiser ensures a 6-hour long battery life. A full charge of Sennheiser Momentum Free takes around 1.5 hours. The Momentum-Free Special Edition conveys as long as six-hour battery life from USB charging. Some people find this as the only drawback of these earphones.

Updated Cutting Edge Technology

The Sennheiser Momentum Free Special Edition is furnished with the most recent remote transmission innovation i.e. AAC codec backing, Qualcomm aptX uphold Bluetooth 4.2. AptX Low Latency keeps sounding flawless in a state of harmony with visuals when recordings are being viewed.

Compact Design and Comfort

The Sennheiser Bluetooth earpieces are light weighted i.e. only 40 grams and easily portable. They are composed of a maximum of plastic. These headphones are assembled really well and just fit into your ears perfectly and are ideal for everyday life.  If you are searching for sweat-resistant Bluetooth headphones you should definitely give us a chance, and Sennheiser Bluetooth has a long-term restricted guarantee of dirt and water. Under the left headphone, there is a control panel where you can discover the shut on and off button, answer, and volume buttons.

Adjustable Sennheiser Momentum Free Ear Pads

One of the most amazing features of Sennheiser Momentum Free earphones is the different sizes of earpads that come in the box. Sennheiser Momentum Free headphones ear pads come in four different XS, S, M, L so that you can select according to your priority. This allows the perfect fit to ensure the best and equal sound in both earpieces.

Safety and Protection

The Sennheiser Momentum Free earbuds are polarized. Magnetizing the earphones is for the purpose that in case you are not using the headphones so that they can be just worn before your neck. By this option, the fear of losing your headphones can be decreased. The thought is that they stick attractively together just around your neck yet genuinely. The left and right headphones have little however strong magnets that work together when the headset just holds tight your neck. All the users are really happy with the way that such an arrangement, the earphones basically don’t stick in your ears and drop out at any chance.

Microphone and Control Buttons

The Sennheiser Bluetooth is planned so well and is great in the event that you have to make conference calls. You can easily hear the other person talking really clearly. The microphone is a little farther from the earpieces which may result in un-clear calls, sometimes.

The control button has extra usefulness like different headsets. In this way, in the event that you hold down the volume up button for over 2 seconds, the next song will turn on, the volume down button works a similar way. The central key permits you to answer the call and holding it for quite a while to end the call. The Sennheiser Bluetooth with Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology is perfect for making calls.

Expert Score

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Quick charging
  • Range : up to 10 meters
  • Compact design
  • Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology
  • Limited battery life
  • Expensive
  • No aptX-HD support
  • Distant microphone

# Preview Product Rating Price
Battery Health Battery Health 1,585 Reviews $299.95 $189.98


Sennheiser Momentum Free is a costly pair of headphones. All things considered, the Momentum Free is truly agreeable and sounds heavenly. Battery life is fair to somewhat short, the 6 hours but one thing that can’t be overlooked is that they charge real quick. The position of the battery includes somewhat of a load on the left ear and which might be an annoyance to someone during works out. The Sennheiser Momentum Free earphones are not suitable for you if you want to use them in the gym because while exercising they may pop out of your ear but you don’t need to worry about the idea of losing your earphones, as I have mentioned above the magnetized property of these headphones. We highly prescribe you to buy these headphones in order to enjoy all the additional features.


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