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Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphones Reviews

The Skullcandy Grind is lightweight but seems strongly designed, with a metal headband, and it’s relaxed, particularly for an on-ear design. I can’t tell you how it’s going to hold up over time because I’ve only used it for about a week, but on the plus side it’s got a detachable wire, an L-shaped connect, and the nasty ear cups don’t look or experience inexpensive (Skullcandy repetitions said they’re using high-quality polycarbonate).

The Skullcandy Grind also appears to be amazingly excellent for the price and comes with a fascinating feature: Instead of having the remote and mic in the detachable cable, they’re incorporated into the remaining ear cup, which is similar to the installation you’d get with a Wireless Bluetooth earphone.

A button on the outside of the ear cup — Skullcandy calls the function “TapTech” — allows you to take calls, play or stop tracks and miss them ahead and back. It’s designed for use with both iPhones and Android operating system cell phones but does not have any quantity manages.

Design and Comfort

Skullcandy doesn’t do tedious headphones. It likes the strong strategy. These on-ears come in black, white and red choices with additional colors on the way – such as a silver edition. Somewhat amazingly the black, red or “Ill Popular Royal” ones we tried were not as impetuous as we’d predicted. They are still vibrant, but the hue is quite demure in evaluation to the other colors available and should help give them attraction beyond the typical younger visitors.

We also completely predicted the Skullcandy Grinds to experience awkward and terrible, but they’re well made for a £40 pair of headphones. The smooth, flat complete with the ear cups seems awesome to contact, the flexible headband slider mobile cell phones are made from metal instead of plastic, and there’s even real sewing on the top of the headband. These are the kind of things you’d anticipate finding on more costly headphones, and it’s amazing to discover such excellent construction on a set of Skullcandy headphones.

The greatest problem Skullcandy is trying to deal with its newest headphones is the mic placement. It’s moved the built-in mic from the detachable tangle-free wire to inside the remaining ear cup. So if you like to have your earphone wire clinging beneath your clothing, this should help you to call people.

Sound Quality

Based on past encounters with Skullcandy headphones, we didn’t have excellent wants the Skullcandy Grinds. It’s experienced like style over the material, but that couldn’t be further from fact here. These sound amazing for £40 headphones.

Powered by customized REX40TM motorists, there’s none of the typical propensity to over-emphasize bass. Yes, it’s still the most prevalent attribute, but this is a set of headphones with a healthy sound that keeps its balance even at top quantity.

While it does not have the grace and luxury you get on more costly headphones, you still get something that’s well-rounded and should provide for songs preferences. For more up-tempo songs and music, you get the power and bass without the highs and mid-range efficiency. For words and equipment, you still get a fulfilling amount of natural depths. Even taking speech calls from the built-in mic provides reasonable quality.

Noise solitude, perhaps obviously, is one of its restrictions. If you turn it up to die out your other individuals, there’s some unavoidable noise leak. It’s not the most severe violators though.

Skullcandy Grind Performance

For $60, you’re not going to do much better for sound. There is some highs and bass force with a little dip in the mid-range, but overall the Skullcandy Grind is a well-balanced earphone that provides reasonable quality and is enjoyable to pay attention to. You’re also not going to get the wealth and improvement you would from a higher-end earphone, and the on-ear style does not closure out normal noise, as well as an over-ear style, would.

8.5Expert Score
Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphones with Built-in Mic, Ill Famed Royal Blue

Skullcandy Grind is a well-balanced earphone that provides reasonable quality and is enjoyable to pay attention to.

  • Light and extremely smooth to wear
  • Great, healthy sound quality
  • Removable 3.5mm wire included
  • A lot of sound leakages
  • Slightly difficult songs playback controls
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Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphones with Built-in Mic, Ill Famed Royal Blue
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Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphones with Built-in Mic, Ill Famed Royal Blue

  • TAPTECH – A button on the outside of the ear cup lets you take calls, play or pause and switch tracks easily. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • SUPREME SOUND- The Grind headphone produces attacking, powerful bass; warm, natural vocals and precision highs.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN – Get back to the basics with the sleek, low profile look of Grind.
  • FULL CONTACT COMFORT- Plush foam ear pads create a perfect seal and provide hours of listening comfort.

Final words

The Skullcandy Grind is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an excellent quality on-ear earphone who does not want to spend a lot.

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