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Solitude XCS2 noise canceling headphones review

Solitude XCS2 are very good sounding and versatile headphones with noise canceling feature. They are one of the best in the price range.

Solitude XCS2

Solitude XCS2 headphones have two drivers in each ear piece. Both sides have one 40 mm and one 30 mm driver. The sound is just incredible with great noise canceling system.
The headphones are lightweight, fit well and very comfortable because of the easy adjustable padded headband. Very nice cushions with over-ear shape provide you with the maximum comfort.
Foldable design allows you easy to carry them wherever you go.

The controls are really handy on the left-hand side. Adjust your volume according to your needs with the right buttons and enhance listening experience using the button for noise canceling feature. You’ll not hear anything around you when you’re listening to music no matter if you are in the office, train or airplane.
They run on two AAA batteries which are included in the package. You have up to 35 hours of playback time on the set of alkaline batteries with the active noise suppression turned on.
The headphones come with 1-year warranty.


The headphones are foldable and very flexible so you can easily stretch them and adjust the headband according to your head size. At the silvery chrome earcup is a nice Solitude XCS2 logo and on the top of the headband is the name of the brand, so there is a lot of marketing.
The headphones are mostly made of plastic with some metal in the headband. The plastic is good because it saves on weight but also reduces the longevity. When you take the headphones in your hands for the first time, you’ll think that they’re bulky but their total weight is about 0.47 lbs.

Solitude XCS2 have a really padded cavity in the earcups like some of the most comfortable headphones. They have the padding on inside and outside and they do fit over your entire ear. You’ll never feel any discomfort even after a very long flight.
On the left side, you have all controls, light indicator and 3.5 mm jack port. There are no buttons on the right side or anything but by sliding the little door you will see the two batteries that help run the noise canceling setting.


In the box, you have all the specs which you can see before you even open it. The headphones come in a very hard case with a nice fitted interior, very protective, perfect for traveling. There are two mesh zippered pockets which make the space for your 3.5 audio cable and 3.5 mm cable with microphone, so you can use it with your tablet or phone as a headset. Also, you’ll see little moldings that hold the headphones in place. In the packaging, you also can find dual pin airline adapter as well as 6.3 mm plug. The cables feel thin, but if you break them, they’re easily replaceable. Very nice instructions are there with a long description where they’ve explained everything.


On the left earcup, you have the on/off switch which is actually for noise canceling setting which makes a huge difference. So, they work as normal headphones without it, but if you want to turn on this feature, just press the button and red light will indicate that the noise canceling is on.
On the same earcup next to the noise canceling button you have a volume dial. The volume wheel is very sensitive so it’s better to set it to the maximum. It’s much easier to control the volume on your device as it saves the battery life too. Volume control is useful when two people are listening to music from the same audio source.

Sound quality

We must say that these headphones have a great sound quality but only when noise canceling is on. If it’s turned off, you’ll feel that sound is a little muffled. When ANC is on, the overall sound quality of Solitude XCS2 is very good with an expansive soundstage. A very detailed rich sound has good low end, mids, and highs. You will also have loud enough sound with a decent amount of bass and treble, although the bass can be light on some tracks. The best way to feel the great sound quality of these headphones is by listening to movie soundtracks.
The main reason of excellent sound quality is a dual driver system with 40mm neodymium and 30 mm driver.

The ANC feature can reduce a really big noise of the lawn mower or airplane wind-mounted engines and allow to listening music without too many interruptions. Although, the noise canceling feature reduces only constant ambient noise, not the imminent as people talking, for example.
They can be compared them to Boss headphones with the similar specifications. Not completely good as Bose, but at least 90% of them, although the noise canceling works better on XCS2 and this function is exceeded our expectations. We also must have in mind that the Solitude XCS2 are much cheaper than the competitive models.


The pair of AAA batteries is very strong. You can almost forget about them because you can use them up to 35 hours before they die. And if you run out of the battery during the long flight, you can still listen to music but be aware that you’ll lose superb sound quality because you’ll not be able to use the noise canceling feature when wired.


If you’re looking for a noise canceling headphones with great sound and affordable price, then you found the right ones. If you’re a little audiophile, then these headphones are for you. The headphones are the first with noise canceling feature and dual drivers in each earcup. All, we highly recommend Solitude XCS2 headphones because you can get a great sounding device and save hundreds of bucks for them.

9.1Expert Score
Solitude Noise Cancelling Headphone (XCS2, Silver)

  • Great sound quality
  • Very effective Noise Canceling
  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • No sound leakage
  • Not good sound when ANC is off
Solitude Noise Cancelling Headphone (XCS2, Silver)
124 Reviews
Solitude Noise Cancelling Headphone (XCS2, Silver)

  • World’s 1st Wireless headphone to use Dual Driver technology, for a much clearer audio with less distortion.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, leather-like ultra soft ear pads, adjustable headband.
  • Talk Time/Music Time: up to 30 hours/ Standby Time: up to 30 days – Long music play and short charge time for today’s busy life styles.
  • Hard protective case included, use wired or wireless with noise cancellation – Great for new age bluetooth devices.

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