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Sony MDR-1A review

The Sony MDR-1A is the latest edition of the MDR-1R we analyzed several years ago. They are full-size paid of headphones with more than a sign of innovative Sony design. While statements they are made for Hi-Res Sound are possibly deceiving. These are fun, rather than completely precise, headphones – they provide top-notch convenience and extremely pleasant sound. given available for a similar cost as the Surpasses Single 2 at £160-170, they are excellent value too.

Sony MDR-1A – Design and Comfort

Sony produces bucketful of pair headphones and this new model of Sony Company with the name of Sony MDR-1A is the most fashionable. Full-size pair of headphones can often meet as too big, comically so in some cases, but the relatively slim line information of this couple and its very purposeful design mean it draws off its design.

They are also age-agnostic. Design headphones often alter towards an attractive, but Sony MDR-1A pair of headphone is low-key enough to prevent such companies, especially in their gold and brownish edition, which we’re looking at here.

While the external design has not modified much in the two years since we analyzed the Sony MDR-1R, there was no reason for it. For those after a more competitive look, the dark edition with the red cut is stylistically a bit nearer to the look you get with places like the Surpasses Studio room.

The Very smooth proteins (i.e., plastic) set covers sufficient to include most ear, and a low-tension scarf makes the Sony MDR-1A fit quite magnificent. These are headphones you can use for an 8-hour expand without sensation any pain. In the trade-off, they are not perfect for work out.

Sony MDR-1A – Sound Quality

Sony highs fairly with confidence about the MDR-1A sound, placement it as an excellent supplement for Hi-Res Sound – electronic sound delivered at a high quality greater than that offered by old CDs.

However, we think that is a little bit off the mark. These are great-sounding headphones, but not completely suitable to the kind of rectal ear that Hi-Res Sound would benefit. Of course, Hi-Res Sound is quickly devolving into a marketing work out, but that is a problem for another time.

The Sony MDR-1A pair of headphones that get married to an exaggerated bass with otherwise enhanced sound. Some resonance to the bottom-end prevents it from appearing entirely healthy. It is quite obviously ‘larger’ than designed, especially when doling out dancing beats.

Key Features

  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Removable 3.5mm cable
  • 40mm dynamic driver
  • Faux leather coated pads
8.4Expert Score
Sony MDR-1A Headphone - Black

The Sony MDR-1A pair of headphones that get married to an exaggerated bass with otherwise enhanced sound.

  • Sleek highs with upper-end glimmer
  • Lovely and smooth mids
  • High quality across variety
  • Powerful and deep bass
  • Fantastic convenience
  • flexible for all designs
  • Excellent bass overall
  • unique looks
  • fairly durable develop
  • Top quality design and, preferred headphones ever!
  • Not very convenient
  • involved components are enough but hardly
  • light bass hemorrhage into reduced mids
  • not for those looking for smooth regularity response
Sony MDR-1A Headphone - Black
196 Reviews
Sony MDR-1A Headphone - Black

  • Connectivity Technology: Wired

The Bottom Line

The super relaxed Sony MDR-1A preforms its excellent job maintaining high quality with just enough of laid-blackness for making it a very flexible earphone that is well worth considering if you are looking for a full-size headset in the $250-$300 range. Sony’s extremely comfortable headphones provide better value than most design places.

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