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The Sony MDR-SONY XB950BT Headphones Review

The deviants over at Sony have been up to useless lately. After a series of new headphones launched in 2014, Sony has spent another for us in the form of a Wireless known as the SONY XB950BT. This one has stunned me with what they’ve made possible in Wireless technology. This one is an owner, no question about it and easily one of the better $200 headphones out there.

Build and Accessories

The XB950 is very comfortable and light at only 280g. It is so very relaxing to have a headphone that not only appears to be this outstanding, but also one that is very comfortable and wisely designed from an external perspective. The position of the approach of the headband is as it should be, nothing strange or flying out too far to each side. This is a smooth model that is in accordance perfectly to my go. As most acquainted with my opinions are aware…I favourably dislike bad headband model. Fortunately, someone at Sony knows what they are doing. Large regard to whoever designed the headband and the external characteristics.

The earcups and a few elements around the joint parts and tooth braces are made from a thick, hard plastic. The headband is made up of steel, yet maintains very amazing stability in the hand despite it being relatively slim. Not much padding on end, but it isn’t required at all. What little padding that is there is more than validated for the outstanding fit and convenience this headphone provides. I confess to feeling a bit saddened over the replica leatherette shields not being genuine, but that feeling is a useless one due to the components used being very suitable for what they are. The ear pads are a perfect replica set indeed, but are also delightful in plushness and drain in a lot. Secure aspect is a non-problem, and the headphone provides a lot of assistance.

The Cable

The headphone comes with a 1.3 gauge 3.5mm to 3.5mm wire for wired use, as well as a common small USB cable for charging. Unfortunately, no USB Wireless dongle for PC utilisation was involved. The dongle only costs around $12, yet makes an excellent range and sound. My Red Bottles of wine RWAK120B no longer has an effective Wireless result, as the player post mod split a few main features that involved Wireless. Sad, but my New Samsung Galaxy S3 recipes out some amazing BT as well so I’ve got a few angles protected at least. Amazingly, the BT playback time a crazy 14 hour before the headphone Lastly cut out and battery power exhausted. Sony quotations 20 hour playback time, maybe their analyse bed was a bit different and permitted for less power intake. But still 14 hours of hard reaching bass; completely unreal!


One exciting factor I’ve found that nobody informed me about and that no other customer has protected was that the go ahead, stop and go back feature key on the right ear cups can open Windows Media Player instantly, riding a bike through music without the need for a computer mouse and keyboard via moving that FF/RW key. It afraid the junk out of me when I’d unintentionally pushed it one day and had my WMP program pop up without me ever in contact with the laptop keyboard or computer mouse. This function is due to the BT dongle I bought for the PC, but it also might be a common factor with any BT dongle designed for the PC that sets with the Sony XB950BT. Awesome things, completely instantly music, monitor miss and stop features at long last. Recognised be to the sound gods.


Impeditive for a $200 wired headphone, yet this headphone is also a Wireless headphone that is the proven best BT headphone I’ve ever knowledgeable. Not to impact Koss’s latest BT headphone, as it was reasonable, but this Sony has brought up the bar to a level I didn’t anticipate to know in a BT headphone for a while. The beginning that, never predicted BT to sound this outstanding. There simply are no strong, calculated and dense showing Wireless headphones that I am aware of, all of them sound slim and inactive, usually shiny and grainy as well. This Sony XB950BT is nothing like these places and makes the latest Koss BT headphone I’ve just analysed appear to be cells document giving some neck wave deserving sound…Both cost the same $199 or so.


Bass on this headphone is excessive; this is, in fact, one of the most bass, large headphones I’ve come across in a while…and I love it. Via BT permitted, the Bass Enhancer key on the left ear cup becomes available. Beginning with a very effective bass, to begin with, the Enhancer function ups it to foolish levels…too much actually…but darned if it isn’t extremely fun. I had no idea Bass like this was even possible in a Wireless headphone, evaluate for yourselves if you are able. Sacred cigarette smoking that is some serious bass. Although the amount is high, punchy as well as delightful, the overall quality is just okay with the Enhancer effective. The Wireless experience is not nearly as effective as the wired connection though, which seems more plainly obvious when combined with prefers of my FiiO X1 and SR71B via Line Out. Regularity Reaction changes significantly when operating off BT alone, attaining only 20-20,000 Hz, whereas the wired connection falls to a gut-wrenching and brutal 3-28,000 Hz.

Quality is the undoing of this headphones low end, but still far from unpleasant or dirty. I am very satisfied with the control factor: not my Urbanite, Fidelio L1 nor my Strength can maintain control like this on seriously bassy tracks…especially not with an EQ enhancing their low end. This Sony XB950BT plows right through the most excessive and sick and tired bass tracks I could collect up without a hiccup. It isn’t until I get nut products and start forcing it to +8 GB on the low end via Foobar2000, or when I use the BT method with the Bass Enhancer key permitted that the headphone goes whacky. Through that unexpected losing control, the particular responsiveness and deepness aspect change is sensible. This is crazy…the low end of this headphone could be the most tuned into a bass that I’ve yet observed at the $200 level.

Some Related Experience

Via my $99 FiiO X1, the skills are vibrant and hugely fun, but the celebration started when I linked the X1 to my SR71B convenient amp from Ray Samuels. Now that is terrible of a coupling. Not that the X1 isn’t outstanding with the SONY XB950BT as well, because it is. But, collaboration is a bit greater with the SR71B in the mix, and the bass certainly washed up along with the highs. The headphone doesn’t need an amp and so on of the Sansa players as well as the FiiO X1 are more than highly efficient enough to cause listening to break. None of these less expensive players has problems generating this headphone; the SONY XB950BT appears to be entirely motivated and no wider or slimmer than using my RWAK120 and the SR71B, or perhaps the X1 and the SR71B. No amp required, get a good iPod and enjoy. If your player had Wireless, that’s just an additional benefit for you if you don’t like wired connections.

Call Quality and Microphone

Receiving phone calls was fairly unbelievable, I’ve never observed a trip discussion this obvious before, and it helped me feel unpleasant while paying attention to others talk with me. I am so used to that steel compacted sound mobile phones have, so to year a rich and dense, outstanding high-quality speech on the other end shook me up a bit. I did see the typical cut out now and then which happened every couple of moments, just as I did with the latest Koss BT headphone that I’d analysed. However, it isn’t at all a problem. The sound mutes for an immediate and is only just recognisable, no phone calls decreased out of the 15 or so that I’ve taken with the Sony XB950BT, but that very brief muting that is common in Wireless headphones during telephone phone calls reared its unpleasant go throughout. Don’t let that hassle you; it doesn’t change the decision itself at all. The Mic as I am informed seemed like it was my house cell phone to the rest of my family, which isn’t wonderful, but not nearly as bad as my the iPhone 5s for example that I’ve used to match up against. Not nearly as useful as my New Samsung S3, but certainly better than Celery mobile phones in certain sound high quality. This means that the high sound quality of my speech as showing to others is only a bit better than regular mobile cellphone sound high quality.

Bonus: The SONY XB950BT is one of the best Game playing headphones I’ve ever used. While not amazing with determine precision that is most effective for FPS gaming, the overall experience is so stunning and fun that I have stopped utilisation of all other headphones for gaming needs in most cases. When I play single player activities, perhaps something like Borderlands, Mike Awaken or similar I am operating on BT alone and the skills is amazing. It seems outstanding to be able to stop the game and go to the bathing room, not having to bother with cables or something getting in my way. Identifying appears to be is outstanding, but not outstanding and I consider it more than appropriate for FPS Game playing like Contact of Responsibility or Battleground binges. The bass is so delightful in gaming soundscape that I am not fascinated in using anything else, as it is a “Thing” in my gaming that I’ve ignored for years. Choosing for audiophile quality sound is the smartest factor if you don’t care for explosions or anything significant on the low end, the SONY XB950BT shows bass so perfectly, so obsessive. An excellent gaming headphone, get yourself a low priced BT dongle and a desktop computer microphone and refer to it as a day, never buy a gaming headphone again because none of the Tritton, Razer headphones is even half nearly as effective as the Sony XB950BT.

8.4Expert Score
Sony MDR-XB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The SONY XB950BT is one of the best Game playing headphones I’ve ever used. While not amazing with determine precision that is most effective for FPS gaming.

  • Massive bass response
  • No distortions at top amount levels
  • Decent quality in highs
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • No way to listen passively via a sound wire
  • Bass is way too dialed-up to be precise
  • No safety pocket
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Sony MDR-XB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
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Sony MDR-XB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

  • Consumer Alert: Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system. Nevertheless, operating this microphone system without a license is subject to certain restrictions: the system may not cause harmful interference.
  • It must operate at a low power level (not in excess of 50 milliwatts); and it has no protection from interference received from any other device.
  • Purchasers should also be aware that the FCC is currently evaluating use of wireless microphone systems, and these rules are subject to change.

Final Thoughts

Sony didn’t just hit one out of the recreation area, the ball surpassed the road and arrived in an area somewhere that is going to make most other sound companies to seek the services of some employees to find it, so that they can research it and try to increase it. This headphone is not for enthusiasts or crucial audience, all of those who desired that type of sound will be huge disappointment by the Sony XB950BT. However, those who want one of the best musical show, fun intriguing mid-level headphones around $200 need to know this headphone. Nothing on the market is quite like it in that cost range, and I want seriously for Sony to make a product new leading with significantly enhanced everything over the SONY XB950BT, but one that maintains that delightful and fun tonality, amazing bass and outstanding energy in the mid-range. There aren’t any Flagships like that except Sony’s mature R-10 Bass large. So many convenient places lately in this cost range offer a dry, observe overall tone that is tedious, enhanced highs to the reason for it being fatiguing or extremely shiny. I am so fed up with this sound, and I don’t want it on the go, so I am extremely satisfied that Sony kept in mind that music should be fun, that you don’t have to be crucial all a lot of efforts and that amazing bass can still be amazing and not blatantly grow, grainy or dirty.

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