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Sound Intone P6 wireless headphones review

Sound Intone P6 headphones promise high definition sound, a comfortable fit a built-in mic so you can use this with your phone to call and talk. They are also waterproof and sweat resistant, so you can use them at the gym if you want to work out.

Sound Intone P6

Headphones are an important accessory for true music connoisseurs. Sound Intone Company provides a wide range of headphones for music fans with different preferences. Sound Intone P6 are excellent Bluetooth headphones, that will seduce you not only by their design but also their sound quality. This headset is capable to fulfill all demands of a modern music fan.

The beautiful white-gold color of the headphones with small inserts of the second color make the headphones more elegant. Adjustable headband and comfortable large ear cushions bring a true pleasure of use. On the left ear cup, there are buttons for answering the incoming call, turning the headset on and off, rewinding tracks, pausing, changing the volume. Below is a 3.5 mm connector and USB port and memory card slot.

The rich features of the Sound Intone P6 include FM radio, the ability to use the headphones as an MP3 player, inserting a memory card and a microphone for comfortable communication. Sound Intone P6 wireless headphones are powered by Bluetooth 4.0 up to 10 m range. The battery with a capacity of 300 mAh, allowing you listening to music continuously for 6 hours. Deep bass and surround stereo sound of these headphones will take you to superb and inspiring world of sound.


Sound Intone P6 headphones have a pretty sleek design. We immediately noticed that they are a fingerprint magnet, so you’ll have a lot of your fingerprints on them. But, it hardly applies to the white-gold model we’ve tested. The great feature of these headphones is their foldable design so you can push them in your backpack easily.

Ear cups feel very soft and there’s a nice soft band across the top. They’re expandable so you just need to pull out gently. The cord inside appears to be braided as well to add a few strength so you shouldn’t have problems with that. There is a lot of padding so immediately after you put these headphones on your head, you’ll feel that they are very comfortable. They are more on ear headphones despite the claims of the manufacturer that they are over ear type. But it only applies to those people with large ears.

There are many colors available. Besides the white-gold version we’ve tested over the Amazon you can find black-gold, black-red, black-blue and white-silver.


The packaging box looks pretty premium. Inside the box is a user manual which most of the users don’t need. Although the buttons on the ear cups are a little confusing (we’ll explain this later). In the box, you have a micro USB charging cable 3.5 mm aux cable in case you want to use these without having Bluetooth. It’s a tangle free braided cable and feels very nice.


On the left-hand side you have power/mode button at the top of it. Also there are the multi function play/pause/call button, track forward/volume up and track back/volume down buttons. On the same ear cup are TF the micro-SD card slot, USB connector, 3.5 mm aux port, LED indicator light and microphone. The other cup is just an ear cup, no special controls or anything.

Sound quality

The initial impression of the sound quality will be that they have lots and lots of power. Sound Intone P6 headphones pump out a massive amount of sound. You won’t be super hungry for bass but we’re not talking about like skullcrusher and UFO style bass. There is a lot of bass in these headphones. The mid and highs leave a little bit to be desired, they’re kind of pulled down a little bit. It’s not that the bass is muddy in them up or anything like that but they aren’t just eq’d enough.

When you use the headphones with 3.5 mm cable, the sound will be louder. It’s hard to tell but the bass might be hitting a little bit harder so you’ll feel your ears vibrating.  If you pair them with something that has a really good sound output that might make them even better.

Additional features

The another feature of Sound Intone P6 headphones is the ability to use the SD card from your phone, making them an independent music player. When you put the SD card in the slot, all sounds will be played, even the sound effects from the running app.

There is another mode another mode is there that most of the users don’t realize immediately. It’s an FM radio mode and when you switch to it you’ll hear that sound that continually looping looking for stations. When you find a local station you can hear that the sound is clear, not an HD quality but still not bad.

These two are very interesting features when you don’t have a phone with you.


The music playback time is 5 hours, in standby mode, it is up to 30 hours. The full charge time is from 1.5 to 2 hours.


Sound Intone P6 headphones will not disappoint you. The built quality feels great although they’re plastic and a fingerprint magnet. You can take to travel as the battery charging takes only an hour and a half which gives you up to six hours of music playback. With a micro SD and TF card slot, you can use them as a music player and save your phone battery. Sound Intone P6 gives a clearer sound than many expensive headphones. A person, who once used these wireless headphones, now think that ordinary wired headphones seem so uncomfortable and don’t have any desire to come back to them. So, if you have $35 budget for some wireless headphones, P6 is definitely worth buying.

9.1Expert Score
Sound Intone P6 Wireless Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control for Cellphones iPhone Laptop TV (White Gold)

Sound Intone P6 headphones will not disappoint you. The built quality feels great although they’re plastic and a fingerprint magnet.

  • Good sound quality
  • Catchy design
  • A lot of features
  • Affordable
  • Foldable
  • A little bit confusing controls
  • Uncomfortable buttons
Sound Intone P6 Wireless Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control for Cellphones iPhone Laptop TV (White Gold)
789 Reviews
Sound Intone P6 Wireless Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control for Cellphones iPhone Laptop TV (White Gold)

  • Consumer Alert: Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system. Nevertheless, operating this microphone system without a license is subject to certain restrictions: the system may not cause harmful interference; it must operate at a low power level.
  • Purchasers should also be aware that the FCC is currently evaluating use of wireless microphone systems, and these rules are subject to change.

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