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Apple AirPods Pro is the award winning wireless headphone. Perfectly fit, excellent bass performance, excellent call quality and perfect noise cancellation this first choice of customer.

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Apple AirPods Pro
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Apple AirPods Pro

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Connector Type Lightning

The AirPods Pro is the first Apple headset to offer active noise cancellation with electronic noise cancellation, such as a jet engine or air conditioner roar, and the company’s first wireless model with a noise-canceling design. This is a safe option for Apple users looking for a compact and lightweight pair of genuine wireless headsets that easily connect to their Apple device and work well – whether it’s for music, movies or to make a voice call.

9.4Expert Score

  • Extremely compact, lightweight, sweat resistant (IPX4) and very comfortable to wear
  • In-ear noise reduction design is safer than a standard AirPod
  • Provides better sound and better overall sound than original AirPods
  • Active noise abatement significantly reduces ambient noise levels
  • Transparency mode to allow sound to enter
  • When making calls, the highest performance is the highest
  • The virtual spatial accounting function of space is reduced with the operating system iOS 14
  • pretty good
  • The sound quality is good, but some competitors give better sound
  • It is not clear if it has a better battery life than the original AirPod

Their height and miniature are a new design that fits more in the ears than the original AirPods. I hesitate to call it a universal feature, because there are always exceptions, but they are close. The only problem is that some people just don’t like having silicone buds stuck in their ears, even though they are as soft and flexible as these tips. That’s why so many people like original AirPods. It relaxes the ear – and when it’s right, it’s really comfortable. However, some of my colleagues said that although the AirPods Pro looked better, they preferred suitable regular AirPods.

Yes, it is a little overestimated. But the good news is that at many online retailers, we regularly reduce it from $ 25 to $ 35. In addition, Apple recently announced that this fall, with the release of iOS 14, they will get automatic switching between Apple devices and a new surround sound feature that uses some built-in technologies we don’t know Tha AirPods Pro: Using the built-in accelerometer, they are found to have also built-in gyroscopes. This is head tracking, a feature found in high-end gaming headphones that will allow the AirPods Pro to create a more realistic surround sound experience (I’m still trying it out). Standard AirPods priced under $ 100 will not receive the new virtual surround sound feature, although they will be upgraded with circuit breakers.

# Preview Product Rating Price
Apple AirPods Pro Apple AirPods Pro 43,717 Reviews $249 $219.98

After living with AirPods Pro for several months and comparing a large number of competitors, my conclusion is largely the same. Here are some key points.

Bottom Line

For only $ 50 more than the original model of the wireless charging case, it’s definitely a shot. They look better than the originals and have a better fit and active noise cancellation to boot. If you have an iOS device, just get it.

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