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Zombies Cat wireless headphones review

Zombies cat are wireless headphones with unique design, powerful bass, crystal and stereo sound and a long lifespan for battery. They have support for Bluetooth 4.1 version.

Zombies Cat

Zombies cat headphones have a very cool design with exquisite workmanship. Ergonomic and stylish design allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks everywhere. Also, comfortable leather ear cups allow you to work and listen to music for a long time. It can be easily folded to save space and make them easy to carry.
Intuitive controls, located on the right ear cup of the device, allows you to quickly and conveniently reduce and increase the volume and also respond to incoming calls.

High-quality 40mm driver provides spacious, clear sound. Elegant stereo sound and deep bass depth in tandem with great sound isolation, allow you to fully immerse in your favorite tracks. Professional Hi-Fi sound quality, will please even those users who are audiophiles.
Bluetooth technology 4.1 is faster and more stable than the previous versions. You can connect 2 Bluetooth devices at once, never miss a call when listening to music. The range is about 10 ten meters. The frequency response is common for these type of headphones from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Built-in high definition microphone gives a crystal clear phone call. CVC decrease the passive noise, giving you the opportunity to close out the world around you and lose yourself in your music.
Support for displaying the power level on the iOS device’s OS. The battery life about 20 hours gives you enough time to enjoy your tracks.


Zombies Cat headphones are foldable. The action takes two seconds if you want to put them away in a bag or back in the case.
Immediately after the unboxing, you’ll see Zombies Cat Naughty logo at the ear cups and Zombies Cat at both sides of the headband. The finish on them it’s like a camouflage, it’s actually a camouflage pattern you can feel it. Also, ear cups are egg shaped with a little metal not plastic Zombies Cat logo inserts on both sides of them.

When you put the headphones on, depending on the size of your ears, they are really comfortable. They sit over the ears and with a nice foam cushioning on ear pads and headband, so you almost won’t feel anything on your head. Also, you can extend them to adjust them according to your head size. The headphones didn’t really build any pressure points but they start to sweat a little after two hours of use
On the right ear cup is a micro-USB charging port, the microphone and a little light next to it. On the left ear cup is just an opening for 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Zombies Cat


When you get the box, you’ll see Zombies Cat logo in the front and at the back. Also, you can see the website www.zombiescat.com as well the name of the headphones again. Inside is a very nice case. It’s second material but it’s like a hard shell material and feels pretty good in hands. Inside has some lining in it which is really nice. It’s not cheap and because of that, it looks pretty decent.
The operating instructions are inside and a cord for plugging them directly into your phone, so you could use the headset in that way. There is also a micro-USB for charging. The headphones are packed in a plastic bag and then placed in the case.


On the right ear cup, you’ll see the volume up and volume down button and the phone button. So, if you press the plus one you’ll skip the song and when you press the minus button it’ll skip the song back. If you hold down the plus button the volume will increase. And if you want the bottom to be lowered you need to hold this down and the volume will decrease. The phone button you use to turn on, play/pause the song and to pair the headphones with your smartphone. You could answer a call with it. When you get incoming calls you just need to tap on it and it’ll answer a call.


The pairing process is very simple. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, then hold down the phone button for about six seconds and then your headphones are in a pairing mode. When Zombies Cat came up in your phone settings, just click on “pair” and you’ll hear the voice that says “paired”.

Sound quality

We’re very impressed with the sound quality. It’s awesome as they really can isolate the noise around you. It’s just all passive noise isolation as there are not microphones to filter out the noise. When you’re wearing these at like 25 35 45 % volume you’re probably not going to hear a whole lot of what’s going on around you. So, if that’s what you want, that’s good. They’re great for like going outside and shoveling or just kind of listening casually at work.

The headphones sound very loud and very clear as well. The bass is not heavy and mid and highs tones will not disappoint you also. The sound is slightly balanced between mids and the highs.


The battery capacity is 450mAh. Namely, the manufacturer claims that the battery can hold up to 20 hours of playback and 30 hours of talk time and they’re pretty much accurate.


Zombies Cat have so good sound quality and cushions are very soft so they feel really good around your ear. We like that these do not sit right on top of your ear. and it seems like many people tend to dislike such type of headphones. It seems that they have some considerable weight but they’re not like real heavy as they have 1.3 lbs. We love this design and a pattern on them. It’s hard to tell if there’s any sound leak and considering all this, Zombies Cat headphones are definitely worth to buy.


Awesome design with camouflage pattern
Built quality
Foldable and adjustable
Very good sound quality
Easy to use


No noise canceling system
A little bit low bass

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